Full day vs mid-day magic if not doing rope drop

Planning first trip as an adult to Disney 12/9-12/13 (mid week with 4-5 crowds). We are staying offsite and Wife isn’t a morning person so I don’t imagine we would get to the park before 9 on most days (meaning actually get dropped off via uber at 9). I’m wondering if people had thoughts on if we don’t commit to showing up early for rope drop, is a full price ticket even worth it then? We could always get there at 9, do brunch every day and skip lunches, visit the resort areas until 12. I personally don’t want to miss out on the popular rides in each park, but I feel like if we missed the drop, we are staying offsite, then we had no chance before noon anyways.

Those half day tickets are so tempting!

I think you will have to realize that most likely with the half day plan you will be deciding you will wait 90 minutes or more for some attractions, or miss them. Yes, you might be able to get a same day Flight of Passage , but 7 dwarfs or Slinky drops are rare. Although, if you do not plan on getting to the park very early (and waiting then), a full day ticket won’t help.

I vote for the half day .

Staying offsite you are probably not getting morning FPs for the rides you want anyway. If you are not rope dropping paying for the full day ticket will probably add 2 FP-less mornings in the parks, at the cost of the price difference and whatever stress it causes to arrive as early as possible. I would probably go with the mid day ticket in that case (I do care a lot about price).

How many park days are you doing? I believe mid day are only available for 2, 3 and 4 days (buying 2 + 3 to get 5 days is not a good deal)

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Original plan was 3 days, but we could swing 4 with money saved.


I’d totally buy half day in your place. Then, too, if you stay up late for fireworks (for example chilling at the beach at the Poly for the 10pm Christmas fireworks and electrical water pageant) and you want to have a lazy start the next morning, guilt/regret = 0.

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You will definitely get more done with 4 after 12pm days than with 3 full not-RD days, and it will cost almost exactly the same (comparing with Undercover Tourist prices)! More time in parks, more pre-booked FPs, more sleep, less stress.