Ft. Wilderness

I asked on Lines, but I’m looking for a more official answer @len. The touring plan site states that cabins 118 and 120 are the best cabins to request, but other sources state that they are for management and housekeeping. Should I request a different room? Or is the other source old information. Thank you all in advance.

If you don’t find an answer here, there is a forum called Fort Fiends with loads of info specifically about FW. I’m sure they would know.

That’s a great idea, thank you. Crissy

I ended up talking to a park ranger when I was there a couple weeks ago and asked this question. He said they are available for guests to request but because there are only two, most requests can’t be accommodated.

My 2 cents - they are right down in the Pioneer Hall neighborhood and surrounded by R.V.s. I won’t request when we return, the noise from all the comings and goings and boats, etc would bother me.

Good luck with your trip.

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I think the 2500 loop is also interesting. Smaller, far enough away from road traffic. Short walk to a pool.