FT Wilderness to monorail

We are down in about a week and was wondering if we take the FT Wilderness boat to the MK landing will we have to go thru security to get to the resort monorail? Just trying to factor the time in transit.



Thank you. About how long does it take to get thru security around 12-2? We are taking our grandaughter for the first time and our initial day is a non park day so we were thinking about taking a circuit around the resort loop prior to taking a boat back to wilderness lodge for our 4:10 Story Book Dining ADR.

3 seconds. :slight_smile: (Unless you have a stroller or something.)

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Or a deluxe set of Ginsu knives (it slices, it dices, it gets you additional screening from security staff)


Oh! That explains why I’m constantly being pulled aside! :wink:


Its the spiral slicer that does it for me.

BUT - be warned!!! Your 50 year warranty MAY be about to expire:

So I shouldn’t pack my samurai sword in the stroller. Got it. :laughing:


The only other trick is to make sure you hold metal water bottles, hard eyeglass cases, or umbrellas out in front of you when you walk through. Other than that, the new security scanners are amazingly fast. Just walk through, no stopping.

No, you shouldn’t… however, a lightsaber may be acceptable!

I think this is fun and am definitely not trying to discourage you, but definitely make sure you are starting the trip closer to noon than 2pm. Nothing about the resort monorail is speedy and you will need to go back through security at each hotel to get back on the monorail. (Again, not difficult but you might need to wait as well.)

I would honestly be planning to be back at MK by 3:15/3:30 in order to be on time for Story Book. They had absolutely no sympathy for us when the boat took us close to an hour to get from MK to WL.

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What does that mean? Did you miss your reservation?? I hope not!!

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Yes! I forget how late we were for the reservation but then they took at least 15 minutes to tell us if they could even “do us the favor” of seating us. After that we still had to wait a good 20 or 30 more minutes which was really frustrating as it was already late. I was seconds away from feeding the kids at Roaring Forks. Thankfully it was a fantastic meal and the dwarves are my kids favorite.

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This was our favorite character meal on our last trip, so I’m glad you got to experience it! I can’t like the “do us the favor” attitude though…come on!!

Can’t say we had a fantastic meal otherwise…I did not care for the food (unpopular opinion I’m sure :blush:). I would have been happy to order from the kids menu :rofl:

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It was great! And we were some of the last people left in the restaurant so we saw the characters like 3 times. My kids are some of the biggest huggers on the planet and to watch Grumpy attempt to get out of the hugs was just amazing.

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He really was the best. He kept tapping his foot in impatience at my kids :rofl:

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