Ft Wilderness RV Rental

I did a dumb thing and it resulted in me being the holder of a $3000 transferable credit with Meachams RV rental for Ft Wilderness. Our family reunion got canceled last minute for Covid. This was enough for two trailers and golf carts for nine days. Ask me if I’ll play unpaid travel agent again?! Willing to take a steep discount. PM deneciepie at gmail if interested.

So sorry - I saw your post on WDW Lines chat and it looks like someone may be interested. You could PM them.

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@MeetMeAtThePoly I did. They couldn’t use it. Sigh. I wonder if I can put this credit in my will!

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I’ll ask around. I know a few campers who may be interested. I’m assuming the credit can be used however they want? Or are you tied to 2 campers and 2 golf carts? Any dates I assume as well?

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@Olafsdad It can be used however the new owner wants. I figured it’d be someone wanting a two week stay or a huge trailer. Some of theirs sleep 10!

I’m confused is this for a stay at fort wilderness in RVs for a different company?

Yes @Nalasmom2018 , If you want to stay at Ft Wilderness and don’t have an RV you can rent one. Meachams is one of the companies with an agreement with Disney to bring in rental RVs (trailers). They set it up on the site Disney assigns for you, and take it away when your stay is over.

Just putting this out here.

We’ve done this - back in 2004. A different company brought in an RV trailer for 4 family members - my sister and her adult daughter, our adult daughter and our adult grandson (a nephew of our daughter).

We had our own RV trailer at Disney also, with me, DH and two teen grandkids.

This RV trailer had two bedrooms, only one bathroom but there’s a great air conditioned bath house close by. (Several can get ready at the same time! ) Grandson slept on the couch. Sister and daughter were on bunk beds in the back bedroom. Our daughter in front bedroom.

The RV company brought the trailer in and set it up. After our 9 days at Fort Wilderness, the company came back to pick up their trailer.

This is a great way to visit Disney with an extended family. A campground is a fun place to be. Fort Wilderness is one of the best campgrounds we’ve stayed in. We brought lights to light up the campsites. Bikes to ride. We set up a screen house. With nine days we could enjoy plenty of park time and camp time with family.

I figure campsites will be an extra cost since that’s Disney. They were when we reserved our two sites which we noted to be near each other. We were just across the loop road from each other.

This sounds like a heckuva deal! Makes me wish an extended family trip was in our future.


Gee, I wish you had a family gathering planned too! I hope someone can use it. The RV owner in our group decided against driving his from West Coast , whenever we can finally put together Everyone’s vacation timing again , and the rest said, they’d rather hotel it. So here I am with a great big credit! Sigh. I know eventually someone will be able to use it.

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Keep positive thoughts! :crossed_fingers:

This is outside of most folks’ thinking. But fun.

It’s certainly an inexpensive way to have a large family Disney visit.

Another idea in the middle between RV at FW and hotels. You can get really really large houses very near Disney. One thing I noticed when searching is that a 6 bedroom house costs more to rent than a condo but not as much more as you’d think. There would be enough money left over for rental cars.

This does work for a lot of people.

The OP’s family had thought they were going the campground/RV rental route but then plans changed.

The OP is offering a discounted Fort Wilderness stay with their RV rental credits.

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Yes, and the family wants to do a hotel now, when they go eventually. But, since they liked the idea of being all together, but probably not the idea of ‘roughing’ it, I thought they might like the big house idea.

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I still have that credit if anyone is thinking of renting an RV for the Fort.