Ft. Wilderness: Car, Golf Cart or Nothing?

With cost being OUT of the equation, if you had to choose between a car, golf cart or nothing, what would you choose and why? Would you change your decision if you had two young kids in car seats/boosters?

We will be flying to Orlando. Can we use magical express to haul our luggage (except car seat and carry ons) so we can rent a smaller/cheaper car?

With a golf cart, can you get to places you can’t with a car? Is there parking near pools, trading post, place to pick up WDW Transport via Bus and Boat?

Thanks for your help – this is a bit confusing even after researching on popular Ft. Wilderness websites.

Someone needs to ride the Magical Express from the airport inbound to the hotel in order for the luggage to go on the Magical Express. So you could have Dad and luggage take ME and Mom and kids rent the car. On the way home, you do not need to ride the ME to get your bags taken to the airport. We found some fairly good deals at Alamo car rental if that might help make a bigger car easier.

That is awesome to know. I thought we would have to split up for the rental car. Do you know where you can drive a car vs. a golf cart at Ft. Wilderness?

Unfortunately I’ve never stayed at Ft. Wilderness. We have driven there for Hoop-De-Do (which I hope is in your plans!) and the car parking is rather confusing. Are you in a cabin? I believe those have dedicated parking but you cannot drive to the outpost and the like down by the water so you would either need to do a golf cart or walk to catch the ferry.

Ok basically car gets you from main entrance(where big shop is also) to your accomodation thats it.
Golf cart gets you everywhere on site.

its in three main sections - Main entrance - Main Pool - Boat to MK /restaurants
ypu can be close enough to walk to any one of them! BUT if your close enough to walk to pool youd have to get bus or walk maybe 20-30 mins to food and boat to MK.

we had a golf cart and its nice, i definitly would again.

Thank you. I just reserved a golf cart for the trip. With Disney’s easy cancellation policy, it seemed smart to do. We can always return it during the visit if we don’t use it.

I should add! We loved it at FW Campsite.
The BBQ restraint buffet is great! Really nice food, hoop de hoop revue is fantastic, mickeys backyard BBQ is ok for adults and real young kids and greats r 6 -12 year olds IMO.
The little boat to MK is also really nice to use.


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