Ft. Wilderness camping with 5th wheel RV

Howdy TPers/Liners! Have new 43ft 5th wheel RV and of course MUST use at FW campground. Does anyone know if any of the sites are pull thru sites? For those who have camped there what are some of your favorite loops?

We are camping there in a week and half with our 42’ toy hauler, that has an 8’ deck. We are camping close by this week, so went over and checked out the place. We are assigned to Loop 600 - now of the ones they say will accommodate larger rigs. There are no pull through sites, but they are all large - at least in this loop - at least 65’ long, with wide entrances to each site. We were worried, but now are confident that we will fit very well.

Thanks @clfac! Ours is a top hauler too with rear deck…not likely to use it there though. When you made your reservation did you request a loop then? If not how soon before your arrival did you find out the loop?

I requested the loop a couple of weeks ago, but made the reservation a year ago, almost. Just called and said I’d prefer it. I asked for loop 300, which the book says is ideal, but we are too big for it. So, 600 is one of the choices she gave us. I think we will be happy with it. You might change your mind and use your deck…if we get the site we asked for, our back deck would have a water view…(kind of- through some trees )

Excited to stay there…stayed before in cabins but never in RV. Fingers crossed i can get reservations! Thanks for your help!

Good luck! We are excited, too!