I love how much I’ve learned here in this forum. You guys are spectacular, and I feel super prepared for my trip in a couple weeks.
Some of the groups on other sites I belong to however…it’s super frustrating that people out there have so much wrong information!
That IS how it works!!!


It is annoying! There are lots of UK based FB groups and some of the misinformation is ridiculous!

I will say there have been occasions where folks have encountered a temporary glitch which tells them they’ve used their max allotment. If you don’t know better you could believe that to be true – after all the app is telling you!


That’s horrible!!!

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Than goodness I’m not the only voice of reason!! :joy:


Shhh!!! Don’t give away all the secrets or it won’t work anymore!


You can get more than 3 FPP, but at the prices they charge, who can afford more? :wink:



So true. I mean they claim FPPs are free. But if you do the math, if a single day ticket was $100, that means each FPP cost $33! Of course, the more you use, the cheaper they are, so clearly they have volume discounts. If you buy two more, then they are only $20 for each.

Still, it is outrageous…and who knows how long it will be before Disney eliminates the volume discount entirely!



Thank you, I have now decided on a daily metric for my trip report – not steps, not crowd levels, not number of rides, but cost per fast pass. Of course, I’ll have to do a bit more math when we’re at Universal to extract the cost of our room from the express pass cost, and I guess there any time we use the express line it’s the equivalent of a fast pass… Challenge accepted.


And you just justified me doing another shot at the every ride in April… DH thanks you :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


It may depend on when you go, too. We went at spring break.

I was able to get AS2 once, but that was the only time I found something I wanted to use an extra FP on. Maybe I would have been more successful at MK, but our SDMT was at 4:10pm, which was the earliest I could get and that’s because all the 60+day bookers had the mornings sewn up so they could get multiple FPs later in the day. Maybe that’s the real on-site advantage.

Since we are on the topic of fastpasses, if my 1st fastpass is at 9am and I tap in at that time could I try to modify my 2nd 10am fastpass to 9:30 if a spot is available?



Yes, keep moving them up like that.

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That’s the fun part! Remember to keep refreshing if you don’t see an option right away.

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