Frustrated with FPP system


This is my first time using the new FPP system and I am beyond frustrated. First, it would not allow me to link up with 2 members of my party. I had to call and do it over the phone. Now that I'm linked I can't copy my fast pass selections to my group members. It's telling me those rides/time slots are unavailable. What is the point if our group cannot ride together?!? Is there anything I can do?!?


It is frustrating.

Can you go into your group members' FPP settings and get the same time reservations as the ones you're holding? It could be that whatever FPPs you got, have since run out of capacity, right?


No. For example, all of our group has a FPP from 1-2pm for 7dwarves. Now I can't copy it to the other 2 members. Earliest time slot is 7pm. So my group misses out because of a tech glitch? Doesn't seem like a fair system at all...


I think what len means is that there is no more availability from 1-2. So since there are no more spots open, there is no way to copy it. Copy only works when there are times available.


Unfortunately that ride is really popular so there are probably no FP left for the times you got first. Can you see if there are some for later in the day so you can all go on together?


Thanks everyone for clarifying! Man, I wish we could go back to the old FP system! This has tied up so much of my time and hasn't made our experience very magical at all hahaha! Unfortunately there are no other time slots for our big group to get on all at the same time. Might have to divide and conquer. smile Do time slots open up at all? Should I keep checking availability??


If I understand the problem correctly, you made FPP reservations for your party and then found out that two people were not linked. You called WDW IT and got them linked, but now you cannot copy your existing FPP reservations over to them, presumably because of lack of available slots.

My one suggestion would be to call WDW IT again and explain the current situation (i.e. they resolved one problem but created another) and hope that they are able use some pixie dust and copy the reservations for you. If the first person you speak to cannot help you, call back and speak to someone else - some CMs are more "magical" than others.