Fruit cups - lost in translation?

Hi Liners! This is probably a REALLY stupid question but I’m wondering if this is a case of US vs UK translation. What exactly is a Fruit Cup on the menus? Is it a small fruit salad in a take-out pot? I’m sitting here looking at snacks for DDs (8 & 6) that are available on DDP & am hoping it’s a good option. Thanks & apologies for being dense!

Yep. Its normally a see through take away cup like you get Starbucks iced drinks in . Filled with chopped friut and grapes satsuma etc. Most of them were melon based that we got last visit. Some are really small and mostly grapes so ask to see them first if its cs.

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I never particularly care for any kind of fruit cup - in or out of WDW - as I just never feel that the fruit tastes fresh at all.

If you are staying at one of the resorts and go to the food court, often they have a yogurt-fruit parfait. It’s a “build your own” type of snack or breakfast. The great thing is that you could ask them only to put fruit in and only put the fruit you like in it. We did a solid bowl of raspberries last Feb/March. They were in season and wonderful and a great use of a snack credit. So, depending what is in season, you could have a full cup of some good fruit in there (watermelon, pineapple, etc.) But, this is only at the food courts, from what I saw. If you’re in the park, it’s a pre-packaged cup. And, often with the fruit that is the cheapest/least desirable.

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I suppose it’s like the little pots of fruit you get at Tesco’s etc…ok for your quick lunch break but not something truly fresh and tasty. Do like the sound of filling your own cup at a resort hotel :smile:

Normally they are full of cantaloupe and honeydew bc those are cheaper, maybe some pineapple, grapes, apple, a few berries on top.

Fruit cup at one of the resorts

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Thanks to one & all for the advice.