Has anyone heard any info about all the Frozen stuff at HS possibly continuing into September?

Nothing more than rumors at this point, as far as I know.

Strictly rumors at this point in time. Although not a huge Frozen fan myself, as popular as it has been, with the revenue it has generated, and the relatively low cost of operating it (aside from the FW), Disney would be crazy NOT to keep at least parts of it foing through the Holidays…

That’s what I keep thinking too!

Just found this on FB–not sure how accurate or reliable. It appears that the outside vendor that is running ice skating rink in HS is hiring additional employees through the end of September.

Kenny the Pirate reported that end of Sept rumor is very likely! I sure hope so bc we will be back Sept19-28!!

I’m hoping too! We will be at HS Sept 5th. Fingers crossed!!!