Frozen without Fastpass?

Hi, we are going to Disney in October but we're staying off-site so the big Fastpasses will already be booked by the time I get a chance at them... of course including Anna and Elsa. Any advice for meeting the Frozen sisters without a Fastpass--is there any hope for avoiding >1 hour wait?
Also assuming they continue the Frozen festivities at Hollywood Studios (I hope!), any advice for seeing the Frozen sing-a-long? Do you need to buy the package for that?
Thanks! Karen

Will you be going to a party? If so you can catch some lower wait times then, otherwise I would just suggest keep trying for a FP and/or use RD to get there.

You do not need the premium package to see the sing along. If you don't get a FP for that go early and get a return time. They hand out cards for a time to return later.

Thanks for the reply! We are going to MNSSHP but I wasn't sure if we'd miss the whole party in line. Worth a try though! Sorry what is "RD" ? smile Do you think Fastpasses for the big stuff actually open up after the initial booking? For dining reservations I kept trying back and I never saw anything open up after 180 days out. (I've resigned myself to the fact that Be Our Guest is a lost cause!)
I guess if and when they announce the extension of Frozen festivities, then there will be Fastpasses suddenly available for the sing-a-long at that time?

RD is rope drop- arrive at the park at least 30-60 minutes before the park opens to get ahead of the crowds. At Magic Kingdom there is an opening show with characters on the train. Parks also open earlier than posted.

Liners are reporting A/E FP and BOG availability close to their trips. Keep looking and good luck!

Oh sorry RD means Rope Drop. If you arrive early and go directly to see A&E it's your best bet for having a shorter line.

The only fastpasses that are difficult to get right now are A&E and the Seven Dwarves Mine Train because it's new. Most of the other 'big' attractions like Splash Mountain and such are available even up to the day before or day of so you should be ok there.

I don't have an open FPP window right now but I don't think anyone has had any major issues with the sing along. But plenty of people are reporting that they've been able to get a return time on the same day so I'm sure you'll be able to get in on that one.

As for BoG just keep checking. Even up to the day before you want it. With the 24 hour cancellation policy you'll see some times open up the day before as people change plans. We're all about persistence until we get what we want around here lol.

And welcome to the forums!

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Wow thanks! Nice to know there is hope for A&E and BOG. I'll keep at it! Touring Plans is actually estimating a 45 minute wait time for A&E on our first day even without a Fastpass. If that's accurate, that's not too bad.

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