Frozen Summer Events at HS extended

Ok so I'm excited to hear that the Frozen Summer events have been extended through September 28th since I will be there that week!! What are the events that need to be booked or do you even have to book anything???

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I think it's all included in the ticket, but you can buy a Premium Package for extra money that will get you reserved seating/viewing and other extra perks. Here's the Disney site about it.

Hmm…they upped the price of the Premium Package. No question it will still sell out very soon, though.

Really? How much was it before? I'm not gonna do it though (I don't think). Can you see everything ok without it?

It was $59 for the earlier dates. And yes, you can see everything okay without it -- you'll probably need to line up for the parade 30 minutes or so early for the best standing area and you may have to be flexible about what time you do the sing-a-long, but there's no absolute need to do the package.

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Thanks!!! I read something about going and getting a pass to the you know anything about this and where to get it?

The passes are given out first-come/first-serve on one of the side streets of Streets of America just outside of the theater (the Premiere Theater -- between the Phineas and Ferb meet and greet and Lights, Motors, Action).

Got this rushed through to press today, just for you all. wink

If you're wondering about the premium package, here's what it is like. If you know you want to book it, I figure it will sell out within a few days:

This is exciting news!! Our honeymoon begins 9/8! Can't tell if I'm more excited or concerned that it will be extended... Don't know what to expect!

Do you typically have to go there first thing for the sing-along pass or can we hit TSMM first?

I hope that all of you Frozen fans get a chance to get their little Frozen Princesses to this before it goes away. I hope it goes away before our November trip.

Can this be added to our reservations on DME, or do I just have to remember times, etc.?

I haven't tried getting the pass by going down first thing in the morning, but if you're looking to get the first show of the day, it would be a good idea to go there sooner rather than later as that one goes the fastest. If you're flexible about your times, then you should have plenty of time to hit TSMM and then go to get the sing-along pass.

Probably just something you need to remember the times for. The parade is at 11 AM; the Sing-Along times are 12:30, 1:30, 2:30, 3:30, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00; and the fireworks are (currently) at 9:45 PM. And have no fear, there's a special Frozen times guide that you'll see everywhere in case you forget…

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OK thanks! I just booked and got my confirmation numbers, but when I tried to link up in DME, it said reservation could not be located. Boo! I hate remembering shows and tours. So much easier to see it listed.

Ah, yeah… that happened when we booked the Premium Package. We just brought our confirmation number with us "just in case", but they had our name on a list. It never appeared online, though.

@mascardofamily Thanks, this is the info I was looking for. smile How long is the parade/welcome show, and how long is the sing-alone show? Thanks!

Parade is less than 10 minutes (and when the parade gets down to the stage, they pause for the Royal Welcome, which is maybe 5 minutes) -- it is a VERY quick parade. The sing-along is about half an hour.

Thank you so much, this was very helpful. My Toy Story FPP is for 10:50-11:50am. D'OH!!

You should have no problem at all if you want to do the parade… just make sure that you're in the first half of it (so grab a seat somewhere between the main entrance and the stage on the right side (if you're standing at the front and facing the stage). Once the parade passes and you see the show on the stage or on the screen near the tip board (if you want to see it…it really isn't much of anything), then just head right over to TSMM.

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