Frozen Singalong at HS

Hi all, for anyone who has been to the Frozen Singalong show at Hollywood Studios recently…do the kids in the audience dress up? My 4 year old wants to wear her Elsa dress to the show, which is obviously fine either way. But I was just curious if this is the norm, the way it seems to be at some of the Princess character meals. I’m trying to figure out how many costumes to pack, ha! Thanks!

I don’t know if it’s the norm but I don’t see any problem with your 4Y/O dressing up for show.


My dd10 wore her Elsa dress this year for it. There were lots of Elsa’s in the audience.

My DD 7 took quite a few costumes to wear for meet & greets (Rapunzel, Minnie Mouse, Elsa and bought Tink dress) and also character meals so she wore some costumes in the parks. We saw quite a few children dressed up - not specifically for Frozen sing along but just generally so go for it!

Until last summer (when she was 8, going on 18) my niece always wore nothing but princess dresses for the entire trip, except arrival and departure days. One summer she wore her Belle dress for 3 days straight after getting “Belle hair” at BBB and we didn’t even do any princess meals that trip. It’s not unusual to see kids dressed up at any time, in an location and for no reason at all other than because it’s fun.

Great thanks everyone!