Frozen sing along

Ok stupid question time. I really havent paid attention to the frozen stuff at hs since it was supposed to end before our dec trip. Now that it is extended what is the sing along? Is it a show? I’m not much of a singer lol. Is this a must do for dds? do we need fpp for this.

If you enjoy Frozen at all, the singalong is really a must-do. It’s in a huge theater, so no one will know if you are singing or not, but the stage show that goes along with it is just soooo funny and sweet, and hearing a theater full of kids belting out the songs is so much fun, it’s got a great energy to it, and then there’s even snow at the end. So much fun! It takes about 25 minutes. You can see parts of it on youtube if you look.

When we went, it was in the days of paper return cards. I personally think I would FPP it, but that also depends on time of year, time of day, etc. I have no idea if the FPP is really necessary or not.

Have fun!

Does anyone know if they are still doing paper return ticket times or just FPP? We are going in mid October and are going to one of the early shows (10:25; there is one for 9:25 as well). We could potentially change our fast passes but I was hoping to just line up and go. Thanks!

(Just have to point out – look, we’re a rainbow of big letter B’s so far, ha ha!)

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Thanks for the info with 3 frozen loving dds it is a must do