Frozen sing along, where is the exit please?

I can see from pictures that everyone files in from one side, is the exit on the other side and where exactly please, I tring to work out where we need to sit if we want a quick exit please?

I pretty sure you come in front the right side (if you’re sitting looking at the stage) and exit on the left side. I don’t mean this to sound rude, but is this something that you need to know in advance? Can’t you figure this out when you get there?

Disney exits are huge. They want you to leave just as fast as you do. They are big, huge doors. You enter on the right, you exit on the left. Exit will be fast.

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Tate -
Cannot wait to hear your Trip Report. You are planning like a WARRIOR!
Just remember, there might be things beyond your control - have fun, and be prepared to roll with changes. Your planning is going to allow you to have more fun and not be worried about “what to do next” for the most part. When things are going right for you, and you are whisking past the ppl huddled around maps, or dealing with screaming kids, or pointing at Haunted Mansion and saying, “There’s Cinderella’s Castle!” all of your work will be worth it. Rock on!


THIS ^^ absolutely!!

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Thank you. Don’t worry I might sound obsessive but I’m actually quite laid back and I’m so prepared I won’t be bothered if I have to change things round on the day. I want to know about the exits as we only have 5 mins between Frozen sing along and BATB. My plan finishes with Sci Fi at 3:40pm, so we can do anything we miss afterwards.
This is my current and hopefully final plan. I know there are no gaps for lunch but if we need a break we will just take one and rejoin the plan later.

I’d like to know so I’m asking, but thank you for trying to answer my question.

You don’t sound obsessive to me. Just thorough! “Being so prepared that you won’t be bothered if you have to change things around” is a fantastic way to phrase it.

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Is that the right plan? all the details at the bottom look very much out of order. have you evaluated lately? my fantasmic got moved to 8pm.

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We are there on the 14th. Everything after Sci fi is a maybe depending on how we feel and what we missed in the morning.

what CL is it that day? 5 minutes between Frozen and BATB seems like you will be sprinting to make it there on time.the feel of the foot traffic in HS is bad, IMO. I also feel like quick service food was hard to find there compared to other Disney parks. will you carry snacks with you?

Yes we’ll have snacks on us, and we will have had a buffet breakfast. It sounds like we can still get into BATB even if we are a few minutes late, which is OK. I think we’ll put off stunts and maybe check out the Tune in lounge, even if it’s takeaway only. I love milkshakes so am curious to try the peanut butter & jelly one. If we decide to stay at H&V past 9am, I’ll probably start with the Frozen Sing along or GMR instead.

I’m skipping GMR because it will scare the life out of my DD. GMR is also a great 4th FPP option - so they say.
If you are interested in playing around with your TP , you might not zig zag so much and free up some time if you do the following order
Frozen @ 9:30
TSMM directly after using your FPP
BATB 11:00

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Also, the Indiana Jones show is really cool. Outdoor theater so you should be able to take food in. Maybe this is where you grab a quick lunch?

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I might and fit in a stroll around Launch bay before TSMM, but either way we are going up to TSMM and then back for BATB with Frozen before or after and hopefully something else as well. We’ll be happy walking between things for the first couple of hours, after that things are grouped and follow a better flow.

@seebee @SStottlemyer I’ve been waiting for Disney to release FPP for the earlier Frozen shows, and I’ve realised that they probably already have and that I can’t see them because I have a 9:25am TSMM FPP. Oops rookie mistake.

@seebee @SStottlemyer I’ve gone back to my old sensible plan, but with TSMM twice if we have finished breakfast by 8:55am.

@Tate that plan looks so much better

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Tate -
That is a PRO plan!
Don’t expect a “seat” for the Jedi Training viewing. The young jedi will just be on two stages. One stage is higher than the other. Each stage will host a character for the jedis to battle. The viewing area is just a standing area on the walking path. The stages are roped off. BUT, it is a good idea to send a parent to get a spot on the ropes for pictures. I will also say that the photopass people will take some good pics of each kid. We got about 20 pics from photopass. I’d also suggest that if you want those photopass pictures, you take a minute to follow the instructions of checking the photos inside the park at the photo place near the entrance (if it’s offered.) The photopass ppl will tell you all about it before the show starts. If you buy the memory maker, getting the jedi photos attached might save you some frustration in the long run. Again, the photopass ppl will explain this to you.

Also, nice moves with the “shopping” after Star Tours. The exit from Star Tours conveniently dumps you into the Star Wars shop! At the front of the shop, there is a place for ppl to create their own light sabers. I didn’t even see it, because I was looking down at mde trying to get situated, but, of course, ds7 did, and it was all he could think about. He was talking about it all that day, and the next day when we went back. We let him make one, and he loves it. Be prepared if you have star wars fans, and it sounds like you do.

Jawa Trading -
If they are there, bring something to trade. The rumor is - nothing of real monetary value.
I tried:
Napkin (no)
Plastic fork (no)
Unused Tea bag (no)
Mini Bow Tie I found on the ground (yes)
The jawas are a riot.

Also -
If you can handle it, be prepared to want to do Star Tours more than once. Tot as well. TOT is possibly the best ride ever. Empty bladder before it if it could be an issue. LOVED it!

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Thank you for your help. Only DH is doing TOT, I can’t say it appeals but we will get rider swap just in case. ST does sound like we’d want to go again, will probably depend on how long the wait is. We have MM so will make a note that I must talk to photo guy. I think it’s time to print off my plan and not look at it again.

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