Frozen Sing-Along reviews?

What’s your experience with the Frozen Sing-Along Celebration show at HS? Exceeded / Didn’t Exceed / Met your expectations? Fun? Some humor? DD10 likes shows (theater-type performances of most kinds) and likes Frozen (but isn’t over-the-top nutty about it). A good take? Or time better spent elsewhere?

Also, do you need FPP or just show up? And if just show up, how early to you need to get there to get seats? We’re going on a Saturday EMH Crowd Level 6 day.

Thanks for any thoughts.

In December, I went to the sing-along with my friend’s family, which includes an Elsa-obsessed 5 year old. At the time, I hadn’t seen the movie (though I had heard all the songs quite a few times) and I enjoyed the sing-along. The show is reasonably well-scripted and includes some humor, which may lean toward the corny side, but still works while transitioning from song to song. For me, it exceeded expectations.

My biggest concern was that the show would turn into some horrible karaoke-gone-even-worse-than-normal session, but even though there was a fair amount of singing along it didn’t overwhelm the original music/singing. If you’re interested, I recorded some of the singing from the show I saw (and others have posted the full show if you want to see/hear the banter in between songs):


I watched the full show on You Tube and it was enough for me. I thought the movie, on the whole, was very good, but I don’t feel the need to spend park time watching movie clips. And in all honesty, I didn’t think the score was really that great; worked in the context of the movie, but not one that I voluntarily listen to on its own.

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Eh, it was sort of lame. The two hosts were cute but, yes, very corny. They basically walk you through the main parts of the story and then you watch the clips of all the big songs. There is some ‘snow’ that falls and a couple small pyrotechnics at the end but it was mostly just watching the videos of the main songs from the movie.
My 2 year old (and possibly my husband) fell asleep and my 4 year old wanted to leave half way through to go back to the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground. Haha!
A 10-year old might be more into it though.

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My kids (Boy 7 and Girl 5)are not Frozen obsessed but we enjoyed the show very much. We showed up about 10 minutes before the show started and got pretty decent seats off to the side. The humor is corny but cute. I would say I enjoyed it more than the Disney Junior show. :O)

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[quote=“BridgetRatz, post:5, topic:11536”]
I would say I enjoyed it more than the Disney Junior show[/quote]

Oh, that’s not even close. I also saw the Disney Junior show on the same December trip that we watched the Frozen sing-along. The Disney Junior show was unwatchable. Fortunately, the five year old had a good time, so it hit the target audience, but that may have been the least entertaining thing I’ve ever seen in any Disney park.

LOL the Disney Jr. show was brutal! My husband and I were cracking up the whole time because it was so ridiculous. We thought it was going to be the “real” characters - not puppets!

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We really liked it, with DD6 & 8. We decided to fpp the show last November, on a crowd level 5 day, and are glad we did ! We showed up right at the beginning of our fpp window, and there were already 50 people in line !!

The SB line was also starting to accumulate, so that worked well for us. All the fpp folks were let in, followed closely by SB. So, we got great seats, and the theatre was packed by the time the show started.

It’s a great little show, and if your kids like Frozen, it’s a great way to see the characters. The humour provided by the narrators kept it interesting. Glad we did it, because the timing of our DDs’ ages was perfect, but Frozen fever is “thawing” a bit now in our household. So when we head back next year, if it’s still running, it likely won’t make it on our TP. :wink:


We were there for Spring Break, level 6 crowds predicted, actually level 8. We actually had a FPP, but then I got us COMPLETELY lost on way there, so we missed the time to get into the special seats. But I can therefore vouch you’re likely fine to walk in 5-10 before wo FP. 15 to be safe. It’s huge, with great site-lines, so even out “bad” seats in the back were great. Quite a bit of mugging-style humor from the main host actors, a little more charming humor from Anna. DD4 loved the sing-along portion. For the rest of our group, it was overall pretty skippable, but worth it bc she loved it so much.


This was for the 10:25.

My family loved it, even DH. I recommend it.

Exact same experience w fpp as @jayzeeduck. Even same month! DD 8 really got into it even tho she’s not so much into princesses anymore. Well done live show. Hard to find tho!

DS6 is the only real Frozen fan in our house, but we all really enjoyed the show. DS10, a self proclaimed Frozen hater, even got roped into singing along with a big grin on his face. The cheesy humor got all of us laughing and enjoying ourselves. I don’t need to see it again, but I’m glad we did it.


We just went this week. We showed up about 20 minutes before our first time choice for it, and they said it would be standing room only and they were near capacity. I think this was the 2:50 show? They said it is always their most popular time slot of the day. We went to see Muppets and meet lightning mcqueen and Phinneas and Ferb before heading back for the next show, got in line 40 minutes early expecting to wait some time before entering, so my MIL and I went to get lunch, only to come back and find the line was being filed into the theater! We got pretty good seats, despite standing outside the door for a few extra minutes finishing our lunch, but the theater was pretty full by show time.

My kids really liked it. They are fanatics though ages 6, 4, and 1. Even the one year old is crazy about it. My in-laws who have never seen the full film, really enjoyed it. My husband and I, who have been forced to watch the movie hundreds of times by the little heathens… I mean beautiful angels… that run our household :wink: thought it was just okay. They did throw in some cheesy humor for the adults, but I like cheesy humor. It was no less cheesy than the Muppets! If it weren’t for the kids, we would have skipped it. There was a lot we weren’t able to do at HS due to the crowds, it would have been nice to do something different. BUT, the kids love it, and that was what we were there for, so in that regard I do recommend it.

Disney Jr. was a HUGE HUGE hit for my kids, especially the one year old. The show was odd for adults, but I LOVED seeing the reaction on all the toddler’s faces. Even though Toodles was just a spotlight, my kids were all like “How is he really flying around!?” Honestly the Disney Jr shows themselves are painful for me to watch, so I didn’t expect anything less from the live show, but I loved how the kids reacted to it. My only peeve about this show is that the queue is in direct sunlight, you’d think they’d have an awning or something considering it’s the part of the park directed towards the babies. And the bathroom nearby only has one changing table. Not well thought out

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