Frozen Sing-along FP?

Opinions on using FP for Frozen Sing-Along?

Not needed is the general consensus I think.

Been there. Done that. A FP is not needed. The show is worth seeing, but you’ll probably want to use your FP for something else.

The other choices are Indy, LMA, Muppets, and DisJr show- we will prob do those, but not sure which to pick!

I think Indy would be be best. We didnt’ have FP for that, but from what I could see the FP had the front and centre seats. Muppets you won’t need it at all. Didn’t do disney Jnr, so not sure about that…
We didn’t need FP for Sing-Along.

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I’m doing Indy! Thanks!

I haven’t personally done this but I told a client the same that a fp wasn’t necessary… after her trip she told me the only thing that she really wished was that they had done the fp for this?! She said that the people with fp had front center seats and that it snowed on the first few rows. She said her daughter really wanted to in on the action up there. I haven’t read this anywhere so I thought I’d put that out there! If your a HUGE Frozen fan it might be worth it.

If there is any chance of snow at all, we’re taking it! Thanks!!

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I also feel like there is not that much else in that category that I want anyway, so might as well do this.

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