Frozen Sing Along, current cast

Has anyone been to the Frozen Sing Along in HS lately? I remember reading that there was one actor who really made the show, but that he was leaving that position. Has the show suffered? What do you think of it now?

I haven’t been since last year so can’t help, but I was just wondering about him myself: I followed his Instagram acct @equityben but it is gone. Found a post on IG where people we wondering what happened (apparently was getting harassed?) but as of July 12 someone said he was still in the show.

Hope he is - super funny!

Oop, as soon as I posted that I saw someone mention he was leaving the Sing A Long for HDDR in September.

Equity Ben has disappeared completely. His social media accounts are gone and he is nowhere to be found.

How sad!

I’m really sad that he was being harrassed. :disappointed:

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BTW, It looks like he also has a YouTube channel called Butch & Sissy:


It makes my heart sad that he is no longer on social media. I loved seeing the snippets of his shows. He is the funniest actor in FEA and the show is so much better when he is on stage.

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I’m going Saturday and can report back!


I will be there in 2 weeks. He is definitely my favorite, anyone know what show times he is usually in, would love to catch him one more time before he moves on.

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I went to the Frozen Sing along in 2016 and was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I went for my kids, but I think I enjoyed it more than they did. Whoever was doing it then was hilarious!


I just took at look at the YouTube stuff linked earlier and that is the same guy that I saw when I went to the SingAlong on July 14 or 15.

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Please let us know what you see.

I will, just hoping to heads up for which show to shoot for

I was there Saturday and it wasn’t equityben because I follow him as well. Didn’t realize his accounts had been deleted. Sad to hear that. I do remember he was doing hddr some.
I was looking forward to the show because I’d read so many positive comments about it. But I personally was disappointed. The historians were okay but not wonderful. If they had been wonderful, I’m still not sure I would have loved the show. Seemed like something that was below caliber for Disney. Just my opinion.

I felt the same way. I saw it with my parents on July 28. It was fine, but I didn’t love it. I’ve heard so many people say how funny the show is. It was just OK for me (I do like Frozen). It would be something that I’m fine missing on future trips.

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I miss equityBen!!

Frozen Sing Along is also super hilarious when you’ve pregamed with a few drinks. IJS




I went today, 10:30 am show. The guy in the show was named Eric. After he introduced himself, PEOPLE BOOED HIM! (Again, 10:30 am - probably too early to pregame the show.). He seemed a little surprised, but they worked it into the act. The female historian (I never caught her name), said, “Oh I see your family is here.” Later, when they showed Hans, he looked at the booing section and said, “So you’ll boo me, but not Hans?!”

I thought the show was really good. Yes, different, but I really enjoyed it and thought the actors were wonderful.