Frozen Premium Package Questions

After weighing the pro’s & con’s of this… Pro is I have a 5 year old Elsa-Olaf fanatic who just can’t wait to have a good prime view of them in person! Con is it seems impossible to making a touring plan due to the restrictions with the package times & unknowns… so my anxiety will be through the roof. So I decided to set aside my OCD and book it (as this trip is for my kiddo). The costs seems worth having good seats/views of the processional & fireworks show.

I was wondering if anyone can give me details about this? Disney’s webpage for this event has been down for the past 3 days, so I can’t get details there. The woman who booked the event for me seemed completely clueless & couldn’t give me any information aside from “be at Min/Bills at 9:30 to get your ID/Badge & more details”.

I assume you check in, then have to be at the “reserved spot” for the drinks/ice cream by 10:00 for the 10:30 parade? *The lady said you do not have an option for selecting which parade to attend, you must do the early parade!!!

I also assume you pick whatever sing along you want to attend?

I also assume you be at the “reserved spot” for drinks/ice cream for the fireworks by 8:30?

I am leaving in 10 days, any information would be helpful!!!

Check in at Min and Bills at 9:30.
You will sign up for a sing-along time at that time. (I used a fast pass for the sing-along time we want because I just didn’t have any need for the other tier 1s.)

You should show up at the reserved area prior to the parade for ice cream and drinks, 10-10:30 should be fine.

I believe the dessert party starts at 8:15, not 8:30.

Here is the url for the plan I made to use the day we have the frozen package.

That plan looks spectacular! I am doing only 1% of what you are, ha ha ha. Ive got like 4 rides on my TP, with the frozen events too. Maybe I am over thinking this?

I made the plan with the settings at the most leisurely walking speed, and minimizing walking, so it should be reasonably doable for a 4 year old – especially if you just skip anything that seems boring!