Frozen package plans

I need help making plans for hs day with am emh and frozen package. What time should I plan adr for, have 930am at h&v but have to get tix at 10am? Was planning afternoon break? Tia

If you really want a breakfast ADR, go for something like 8:45 or 8:50. That will give you enough time to benefit from the morning EMH, but still should have enough time to make it for check-in for the Frozen package (as it is really close by).

If you're ditching the morning ADR, either grab a lunch ADR for around 11:45 (which gives you enough time to get there after the parade) and then maybe do the 1:30 sing-along time and take an afternoon break after that or take a break right after the parade, and have an ADR for around 5:00, and then do the last sing-along of the day, head over to the dessert party, and watch the fireworks.

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