Frozen Live

How long do you need to get there before show time to get a seat?

Not very long. We showed up about 15 min early and say in the mezzanine with good seats. It’s a really big theater and most seats are pretty good. I think the first time we showed up around 30 min early and sat in the orchestra. I enjoyed both seats about the same.


If you can see if from different spots in the theatre, it does give a different experience. I like sitting at the very top, you can see the floor moving and all the moving parts on the stage.

What the poster above said, 15-20 minutes early is usually okay. Hotter days it may get fuller quicker, just because it’s a cool place to go for an hour and they let you eat inside now! We don’t go see if that often…it;s just not the same as Aladdin.

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