Frozen Holiday Wish during MVMCP

I’ve seen conflicting info, so just need to check here. On a MVMCP night, they do the Frozen Holiday Wish castle lighting twice – at 6:15 & 8:00, right? The 8:00 show would end just before the 8:15 Christmas Parade?

It’s 6:15 and 7:30 today which isn’t a MVMCP day. Have you looked at the timing on a MVMCP day? This Friday, 11/21, is a party day and maybe a good day for comparison. Also, best to pick up a Times Guide as you enter the park.

We were there for a party on 11/13. Frozen was 2 times, 6:15 and may be 8. Both were packed check to jowl. We ended up watching it the next night from California Grill.

Thanks all! I had seen some places say 6:15, others also had 8:00. 8 PM show wasn’t on my personalized TP when I made it, but it is now, and finally found a pic of the party map online that shows both. Now to decide if I should switch to 8:00. I know it will be packed, but it’s our only day to see this and I really want to (DD6 will love it, too!)