Frozen Holiday Package at HS

A Frozen Holiday Premium Package is available as of this morning.


Tempting but if I try to squeeze one more thing into our schedule it’s going to explode lol. Plus I’d have to cancel our late dinner at VN on our HS day and I’ve been dreaming about that pizza!

That package seems like a huge waste of money in my opinion.

I cannot see paying that price for it. I guess I would if I had a frozen crazy kidlet or if I were attending with @NCDisneyPrincess :slight_smile:

We will be there and I do have frozen crazy kids, but the dessert party doesn’t actually include the characters right? I would consider paying if it did. From what I understand the sing along is pretty easy to get into already. However, I am wondering about the reserved seating for the lights… I have never been to them, and I am wondering how hard it is to see them. If anyone has any tips for the lights, please LMK! Thanks!

I would guess the reserved seating is probably an area close to the stage. They do a little presentation where a character hits a button to turn on the lights. The lights themselves run all the way down the street so there is no advantage to being in one particular spot or another.

Thanks, that’s what I was thinking it was like. So the reserved seating didn’t make much sense to me. Definitely sounds like Disney is trying to make something from nothing, and charge a lot for it in this case… unless I’m missing something!


Having done a private party at the Osborne Lights in the past, the only way I’d book this would be if it was a private party and not just a set aside area. That said, I totally predicted an Osborne viewing dessert party. I don’t know if I should be happy or dismayed that I “get” the Disney marketing mindset….


If it was 1/2 the price and an Osborne lights party I would be there. It isn’t a frozen anything that is just a ploy to lure unsuspecting folks. You could attend the MVMCP for less. Or both fireworks dessert parties. I fired off my angry email to Disney over this.


I’m fine with pricey premium things… As long as they are premium. This one is just a joke.

@HappyKaren. It could be quite the adventure to do it and MVMCP in one night… The open bar concept seems to add quite the value…plus this party has SEATING! :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


I don’t get what you’re actually getting for your money. I can watch Osborne Lights from anywhere on the Streets of America and use FPP for the singalong. So, can I eat/drink $90 worth of dessert/booze? Probably, but then I won’t remember anything else I saw that day.


Does anyone know about what time The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights opens each evening? Is it right after sunset rat a set time?

Just found my answer by doing a search. Very cool. Thanks @Len.


A couple of things cleared up is that there ARE adult beverages. The higher price makes more sense. But not that much sense. And be forewarned! FPP Sing-a-Long holders during this event period! From Disney: “Please note when making Fastpass+ selections that Guests who purchase the premium package will receive reserved premium viewing for the (Frozen Sing-a-long) show.” I think that means, they get the best seats, not FPP holders. I would avoid a Frozen FPP during the party nights.

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The lights turn on at 6pm. That is another thing I saw was it looks like the ressie on Christmas week you don’t show up to lights til 8. So you won’t even get the reserved section with seeing them turned on. I think this is the biggest rip off !

This package is offered on our planned HS day. Not sure how many people can get tix for this event each night and also wondering if all of them will be at one particular Frozen performance. My TP suggests doing the sing a long at rope drop, rather than riding TSM… maybe that would be a good idea now with the preferred seating being taken up?? Yes, alcohol is included, but it’s like a First Class airline ticket… you could buy too many drinks and still not recoup the cost of the ticket, lol. We might be seeing people carried out of HS that night b/c they are trying to get their money’s worth haha.

@jks I’m using a FPP on frozen singalong so I know going in I can have the show I want. So many show times I wouldn’t waste RD on it…

@Mrs_Beast That’s what I was thinking too… My TP suggests doing Singalong First followed by Oaken’s. I would rather save this for later when my kids need a little less structure in the day, b/c I don’t think they are going to want to get out of the snow! haha We live in FL, so it will be a big deal to them. Just wasn’t sure if everyone buying the package would be at one time of the day for Singalong or what’s going to happen with that. Would like to try to avoid that show!

If it is like summer… It’s throughout the day you pick what show… And I don’t think it will be a sell out crowd doing it.