Frozen Funland -- Best time of day?

What time of day do you think is best for visiting frozen funland? I would really like to take my southern kids to play in the snow and build a snowman. Best time for shortest waits? Looking at labor day weekend. Thanks!

From everything I’ve read, the earlier, the better. Have fun @B_squared!

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Thanks, @MeetMeAtThePoly! Anyone know – does the Funland open right at park opening?

Yes it is open from park opening until 8 P.M.

Following as well.

Are you talking about the new attraction in Norway? Or something else?

Original post is 2 years old. It was an attraction in HS now gone

Thx!! I’m still getting used to the set up here.

No problem. If you use the tabs at top and click LATEST. it gives you posts in time order. I use this unless looking for something specific.