Frozen Funland and HS AM EMH

Hi, guys! On a day that HS has AM EMH at 8, do you think Frozen Funland opens at 8 too? Or at 9? And do you think that would be a good day to get there at opening, or too many other AM EMH folks making a crowd? Thanks!

Just found my own answer to EMH -- according to my personalized TP, the Funland opens at 9 even when the park opens at 8.
Part 2: anybody have personal experience with the crowds there right at RD?

We did wandering oaks July 15 around 9:30/9:45ish and it wasn't busy. There was a short line for the build a snow man but we just walked thru and then shopped in the gift shop but there was no line to get into either and did the magic shots inside/outside.

Well that is awesome to hear!!!! smile

We were there on a Saturday with morning EMH. We went to TSMM, and then shopped at the Trading Post. Funland did not open until 9:00. We came back a few minutes before 9:00 so we could be some of the first ones through the door. (Side note: My DD12 and I don't do RnR or ToT, so there is not much to do EMH in HS.) We built a snowman, and then were part of the first group of ice skaters at 9:30.

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@MinnieWinnie, this info is PERFECT for me, thank you. I just posted another planning thread asking about this. Not much for us at HS either when I have my littlest one along, so this is just the kind of info I was looking for! smile snowman