Frozen fp many times available for jan 14

Is anyone going to Epcot Sunday January 14 and looking for Frozen fp? All of a sudden there are all times available. I️ have been checking everyday to change the time of mine for 6 people because only choice I️ had was late in the day. Now pretty much all times available

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Yesterday one user in chat reported about plenty of FPs availability for January. I was able to get all times and attractions I wanted (FOP, FEA, 7DMT, etc,) for my late Jan / early Feb trip.

The reason behind this is the unpredictable weather in Florida at that time of the year. We went about 4 years ago in January and about froze to death and we are from ND. No there wasn’t any snow but when you go for a little warmth that generally isn’t the time to go. Won’t do it again as the leaves were falling off the palm trees.