Frozen Fireworks

Last August, my touring plan was mucked up from the new frozen fireworks in Hollywood Studios. I had a fast pass for Toy Story, that was cancelled because they closed the biggest wait ride in the park for fireworks. I hear this fireworks event is still taking place - but touring plans does not have it listed and seems to still not have it configured to exclude certain attractions at whatever times rides are closed for fireworks. ? The Disney web site also does not capture the fireworks times or the ride closure times. Can anyone help with these details?

It’s not updated on the Touring Plans sites yet because Disney hasn’t released the times yet. Once the times are out, then they’ll update accordingly. I’m waiting to find out what times they’re at as well. Want to try and fit it in somewhere :smile:

I see it has a start date of June and an end date of September. I guess it keeps coming back during my summer vacations. We could almost avoid it - but not when it interrupted our Toy Story plans. The descriptions appear to be the same stuff all over again. I’m allergic to the soap bubbles they use as snow, so this “event” will probably keep me out of the that park for most of our trip. In and out. I just need to get the right fast pass time this time around.