Frozen Fireworks exit?

Hi all. I’ve heard from many the Frozen fireworks are amazing. We are visiting HS late August on a crowd level 4 day. Is is a madhouse leaving? We will have 4 children age 7 and younger.

It’s actually not as crazy as something like Star Wars fireworks are – mainly because (spoiler alert) it starts snowing at the end of the show, and people kind of mill around on their way out so they can take tons of selfies in the snow. Once the snow stops falling, then it is your usual crowd headed for the exit experience.

If you’re watching up somewhere near the stage area to see the stage show (which, sadly, means you don’t see the fireworks as well), then just wait for about 5-10 minutes after the fireworks and then slowly make your way out.

If you’re watching from near the exit, which has a better view of the fireworks but no luck with the stage show, then you’ll want to skip the snow and move out asap so that you don’t get crushed by the slow-moving tide.

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Does it snow near the stage only?

My daughter is going to go nuts when it starts snowing… You better believe I will be one of the “crowd” lurking and causing a traffic jam b/c of it!!! wink wink

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It snows from the stage all the way up Hollywood Boulevard to Crossroads of the World (right by the exit). I think they keep it snowing after the fireworks for about 15 minutes or so.


Thanks so much :slight_smile: