Frozen Ever After!

Just saw 180 minute SB…pretty much what I expected, Lol. Meanwhile, Soarin’ has a 15 minute.


Love it.

While the FEA wackadoos wait all day in line, we will enjoy the rest of what EP has to offer :wink:

No offense to the wackadoos that may frequent the forums :smiley:

I just watched a ride-through video of the ride, and it is very “meh” for me. But I am very very much SO OVER the whole Frozen thing which has been shoved down our throats for the past three years, so I am probably not a great barometer.


@OBNurseNH it’s crazy how long the wait already is! But I’m not exactly shocked lol. I am torn…still have a few months till our FPP selection date but I have a daughter who really wants to see FEA, and I kind of do as well, but not 180 minutes worth, lol. And I have to agree with you to some extent about everything Frozen getting kind of overdone…it was kind of a Frozen takeover there for a while.


No offense taken😀

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I think we should put Frozen on ice for a while


Count me in as a Frozen wackadoo! That said, won’t be waiting 2 hours. FPP or nothing.


SB wait time in park is posted at 300 min. I watched the video and think it looks really good - the AAs are amazing. I’m also in the “enough is enough” camp when it comes to Frozen in general, but I must say I’m looking forward to this ride on my next trip (whenever that might be).

5 hours is super crazy…their brains must be frozen :grinning:



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I agree, it looks amazing! But not amazing enough to wait that long lol.

And just as it starts to die down a little, along will come Frozen 2: Electric Bugaloo and it will all start over again…


We choose to FPP FEA and run the risk for standby for Soarin’. I’m feeling pretty good about that decision right now. Hope I feel the same in two weeks!


I’m hoping with my pre-rd ADR at GG, that I will be able to FPP FEA and have a reasonable wait at Soarin

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I was thinking the same thing! We have 2 EP days, so presumably I’ll FFP FEA one day and Soarin’ the other. But yikes with that wait!!!

Just out of curiosity, how do the waits look at Test Track? Have they gone up or down?

I think there was a movie about Norway at the exit of Maelstrom. Is that movie still there at the end of FEA?

TT waits went up and down as I looked throughout the day. This is something I’m monitoring closely as TT is important for us to do but unfortunately in tier 1 w/ FEA. Since FEA is new we’ll likely FPP that and catch TT early. Hopefully Soarin’ as well.

Can you got to FEA before it opens and start queuing? I don’t have fastpass for it and wondered if I’m at rope drop for world showcase will I get in quickly? Any better suggestions???

Use the reservation finder and try to get a pre-rd ADR for Akershus, then be willing to eat the no show fee and enter through the International Gateway.

This entire thread cracked me up! I think it’s safe to say we are all a tad wackadoo! @haylekk I stalk the SB times too!! So nice to know I’m not the only one lol. Someone (not me!) showed my 1 y/o Frozen Fever, and now she walks around crying (screaming) “Anna” ALL. THE. TIME. What is up with Frozen?! Don’t get me wrong, I’m riding FEA, and I will probably cry from pure joy. :grin: