Frozen Ever After

Anyone heard anymore about this? WDW site now firmly says opening in June. I have to book my FP+ next week should I keep one back?
TouringPlans is listing a 40 minute standby wait at 10.30 AM on a Crowd Level 8 day - likely to be accurate?

I can’t imagine that any predicted time at this point is going to be accurate. Given that CL’s and wait time predictions are based on empirical data of which there will be none for the new Frozen attractions, I would be quite skeptical in relying on any predicted time. In fact I think without a FP, or ticket to any extra event they may offer in conjunction with the new Frozen exhibits, I would prepare for lengthy waits. Not to mention the effects the new Frozen attractions will have on your Epcot day depending on what Tier they are placed on.

Maelstrom was not really a fast loading high capacity attraction and I think Frozn will attract crowds for a while. I heard a podcast recently refer to the Frozen attraction as the “future home of the seven hour wait”. I would bet it will be a tier I and people will plan on doing Soarin standby and try to get this FP so I would try for one if you want to ride it. Of course I could be completely wrong!

I think 40 min is unrealistic for any CL at any time of day without a FPP. I would expect at least a 2 hour wait more or less from RD until they close the line for the night. A&E M&G in the MK had lines up to 5 hours when it first opened. It’s a slow-loading, low-capacity ride. It won’t be pretty…

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I wouldn’t count on FP being available soon. Also, since you can modify your FP if this does happen to be available for your visit, I don’t see a need for holding one back. Plan to be ready either way. And have fun!

Suggestion: Akershus Princess Breakfast ADR early, 8:05. Then maybe they let you back before the muggles? And 30 minute wait instead of 2h? That’s my idea. Doubtful of it working, but an idea. My kids DS7 and DD5 won’t wait in a line more than 30 min, so we might be skipping this one for our trip end of June and catching up w/it future trip once it has FP.