Frozen Ever After with pre-RD Akershus breakfast - do we still need FP+?

My 60-day mark is soon coming up… and I have a FEA question. We have an ADR for 08.05 breakfast at Akershus on a 09.00 opening day at Epcot in early October. Will this make us able to ride FEA before the crowd arrives from the gates, or do we still need to get FP+ for it to be completely sure? We are not extremely interested in the princesses, so we will be able to finish our meal well before 09.00.

Since we would like to experience both TestTrack and Soarin’ as well, it is very tempting to skip FP+ for FEA. But I have heard stories of FEA breaking down, when only guests in the FP+ line are compensated (by being given an anytime FP+), whereas the people in the standby line are just asked to come back some other time - to a loooong wait, I am sure.

So what do I do? Try to get FP+ for FEA, and do Soarin’ right after our meal, and Test Track after that? Or is FEA now a established, fully working attraction we can count on getting onto right after our meal - like 7DMT after a pre-RD breakfast at BOG?

Please take this with a grain of salt, since I have not been to the park with FEA open! Reports point to Soarin’ having less of a wait thanks to the added 3rd theater and FEA gobbling everyone up. Right now, it sounds like FEA with a FP+ first thing is still your best bet. Also, TT has a nice single rider line, if that works for your party


Following this too…we want to do both FEA and TT for our November trip, maybe Soarin’ as well.

We are in exactly the same boat. 8:05 Akershus ADR, torn about what to Fast Pass. Haven’t been able to get any definitive advice. Would really, really like to hear how it goes for you.
Good Luck!!!

We, too, have 8:05 breakfast reservations at Akershus. I have a TT FP. My plan is to hit FEA right after breakfast and hit Soarin at night. I go in August. I’ll let you know how it works😉

I’d get the FEA FPP and then, if I didn’t need it, try to switch it to something else the day of. I wouldn’t want you to rush through your character meal and not enjoy it, they are far too expensive for that.

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So you only have 1 day in EP? and you’re only going to Akershus for FEA? Assuming the ride doesn’t break down and you leave by 8:45 you should be fine without a FP. However if it will make you worried and FEA is the only must do of the day, then I would get the FP for FEA. If you don’t need it you might have a chance of switching it for TT or Soarin, that’s assuming some new FP are released that morning. If it was me I would get the FEA FP.

Thank you so much for the advice, all of you! I have decided to do what most of you recommend, and try to get a Fastpass for FEA. We will also try to get into FEA standby after the Akershus breakfast, then head for TT as soon as possible after that.

We have also decided to go to Epcot the evening before (after a day in Typhoon Lagoon) - so I will get FP+ for Soarin’ then. We were originally planning a slow evening at the hotel that night (after staying up for the Star Wars fireworks the night before- not so easy for DS7 with the 6 hour time difference from Norway), but this will be our chance to experience all of Epcot.

Whew! I really, really dislike the tier system…! But I truly appreciate all the help I have received from Liners - you are the best! :smile:

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So we just tried this on Tuesday. We got to Epcot around 7:30, got in around 7:50, hoofed it to aker, were one of first parties seated and ate. Princesses started circulating around 8:30. We were able to meet them all and get in line for FEA by 8:50 or so. BUT the ride didn’t open on time due to tech difficulties. So, it was a no-go for us but it could work in the future as the ride gets less glitchy. We had FPP for soarin, but I wish I had FPP for TT or FEA. I was able to get a fourth FPP for party of five later in the day for soarin. But TT was up and down a lot due to rain, so that one was hard to work into our day. We ended up riding FEA at the very end of evening emh with just a 20-30 minute wait.

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Just saw now that you are Norweigan. Love that you are on here plotting out how to scope out the Norway pavilion in Epcot!! That is just awesome!!

Yes, we are Norwegians. We are soooo happy Disney got rid of the crappy old movie and the Maelstrom ride. I agree with those who say that an attraction based on the fictional country of Arendelle does not really fit into the WS concept, but the Imagineers were more than a little inspired by Norway when Frozen was made. We are not really at Epcot to get information about our home country anyway, and I doubt many people have decided to visit it after seing the Norway pavillion (I am no expert on tourist matters, though).

DS7 is looking forward to talking to the CMs in the Norway pavillion in his mother toungue. His English is too basic yet to understand much of what’s going on in our conversations with other CMs and characters. Another reason we love the silent characters (the first reason is that most of them are so huggable :blush:)


Well I did leave the Norway pavilion and go home and ask my co-worker whose wife is from Noway how big of a things were trolls really since they were everywhere in the gift shops!

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Hi, Middie, I’m looking forward to hearing how your Akershus breakfast works out when you go? I’d love to know if you are able to meet the princesses and still beat the Rope Drop crowd to FEA. (And just how rushed you feel doing that.) Have a wonderful trip.