Frozen Ever After wait times

Our trip starts in 29 days - a month ago I did a touring plan for extra morning magic hours(8:00AM) on the 31st and it said to go to FEA first thing and then hit TT & Soarin’ afterwards - today I optimize and it has me doing TT, Soarin, Living w/the Land & Figment before then heading to FEA at 10:00 with a 29 minute wait - does that seem accurate? I don’t mind a 25-30 minute wait but I thought FEA waits were in the 60 minute range after the park has been opened to everyone for an hour. I like the original plan of hitting FEA, TT & Soarin’ all before 9:00, but TP is now telling me otherwise. As you can see, I’m obsessed with planning and just want to maximize my times (we are using all of our fast passes for afternoon/eve in MK) Thoughts?

My guess is that the hype for FEA has gone down a bit since last year. Last march, we RD Soarin’ one day and RD FEA the other day and there were a lot more people going to Soarin’ than FEA.

Here’s a great link on that subject:

As for your day, I would do TT & Soarin’ followed by FEA first thing in the morning, before hitting minor attractions like Living with the Land or Figment. Soarin’ before TT reduces walking, but long lines tend to build up quickly at TT.

Great article and thanks for sharing, we should never doubt TP (LOL) and I will go to TT & Soarin’ first, and FEA immediately after trusting my wait will be 30 mins or less.

Given that TT has a notorious reputation for being down first thing in the morning, be prepared to jump towards Soarin’ right away…

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The prevailing strategy is RD Soarin’, FP FEA, and single rider TT.

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