Frozen Ever After Party

Does anyone have a review of the Frozen Ever After Party? I am going to give up a Be Our Guest dinner reservation for it, so I want to make sure it’s worth it. Thanks!

See the quote below from @profmatt

I’ll add some post-final thoughts . . .

I would totally do the HEA dessert party again. The Plaza Garden view tickets are the cheapest of the dessert party tickets, the view is terrific, and HEA is spectacular.

I wouldn’t do the Frozen dessert party again. It’s expensive and poor value in terms of food and drink. The viewing location was good, though outdoors on a day that cried out for an air-conditioned venue, but I believe there are plenty of viewing spots around the huge lake that World Showcase circles. Frozen (the ride) was more fun than I was expecting — it was my favourite of the indoor boat rides — but I don’t know if the whole package is worth the high cost.

IllumiNations came third in my ranking of the closing shows at the parks, after HEA and Fantasmic.