Frozen Ever After Fastpass

Can you get Frozen Ever After fastpasses before 11 when world showcase opens?

It is open at park opening but I do not think they give out FPs before 11?


I saw 10:50am fastpasses yesterday!

Great report!

I think I read somewhere that FEA opens at 9 am, so they probably release fastpasses as early as 9. Never got any so early, but I was able to get FEA as a 4th fastpass last October for 11:25 am. Tell me about luck!

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I think that is the issue. It does open with park opening including EMHs but FPs do not start at opening or at least they have not in the past?

It’s always been the case that Frozen opens at 9am, but the Fastpass distribution for it starts at 11am which is when the World Showcase officially opens. Since @BoilerMomPharmD saw earlier Fastpasses the other day, that might indicate that they’re starting to release earlier times. This would definitely make planning Epcot easier!

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I’m still hoping that they drop the tier thing in a couple of years after Star Wars Land… whenever I have to choose among Test Track, Soarin’ and Frozen, I tend to choose Test Track. I’ve been pairing my touring plans with a Pre-RD breakfast at The Garden Grill for a very early Soarin’ ride and using my Test Track fastpass later on. FEA has always been my quest for day-of fastpass and I’ve been lucky twice. I think the same strategy has been used for an early FEA ride (pre-RD Akershus breakfast), but the earlier fastpass availability would be much better.

We always book Frozen since both Soarin’ and Test Track are easy to get day-of Fastpasses for. I’ve never had to refresh for more than max ten minutes for either (usually more like 5). A couple of weeks ago I was also able to get a second Frozen Fastpass for mid-afternoon (party of 3). :slight_smile:

Wow! I had always thought Test Track would be a pretty difficult one for day-of fastpass. I’ve seen Soarin’ many times and on my last visit I have to agree with you that Test Track was available at a later time as well and it was fairly easy to spot fastpasses for many different times. The toughest one is FEA hands down! You changed my way of thinking! Thank you! :grinning: