Frozen Ever After during Extra Magic Hour - Night

We are heading to Disney during the crazy busy Thanksgiving week. We have Epcot planned for Thanksgiving Day…but the only FastPass I could get for FEA was for 6:30 p.m. (even though I was in straight away 63 days out).

I see that Epcot has EMH - night on Tuesday, 11/22.

Has anyone had success going to Epcot for EMH - Night just to ride FEA? It is a 10 p.m. normal closing time, with EMH until midnight. What are crowds like at FEA during EMH?

My kids are older, and although FEA is something we want to ride, it is not a MUST RIDE type of thing. If we are confident we could right it during the EMH, we could get a FP for Soarin’ or Test Drive to help our rope drop plan on Thanksgiving. I certainly don’t want to get rid of the FP for FEA unless I am pretty sure we will be able to ride it…


FEA is open during evening EMH. As long as you get in line before park closing, you should be able to ride. We rode during pm EMH in July with a 20-30 minute wait. The line moves a bit faster once the regular hours are over and there are no more fpp riders.

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What about either Soarin or Test Track during EMH? You could ride multiple times and it would also help your rope drop.

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