Frozen Ever After Dessert Party Value

So…we have an EP day on 8/16 (CL 5). I am considering adding the FEADP but thought it may be overkill. I mainly want it for the viewing spot, and to a much lesser extent, the ride.

What are everyone’s thoughts? Current plan is to RD FEA and try for a same day FPP for IN.

You can see Illuminations from almost anywhere and you can ride FEA for free. For me, there’s no value at all. I think @profmatt really liked it though. Value means different things to different people.

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Thanks for your input!

I should have been more specific. My goal is to spend the absolute minimum amount of time getting a good viewing spot for IN. I’m just thinking that at a CL 5, I shouldn’t have a problem grabbing a FPP for IN and rolling into viewing area 20-30 minutes before the show.

You really don’t even need the FP, though I agree you won’t have any trouble getting one. I’ve always watched from wherever I happen to be maybe 10 minutes before it starts. Of course, it’s my least favourite show. If it was my favourite I might be more fussy.

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We’ve never had a problem getting a good viewing spot just a few minutes before IllumiNations starts, including during Spring Break, and Frozen Fastpasses are fairly easy to get these days, especially in the evening. So for me, the value of the event could be fairly low. Saying that, we have done several dessert parties in Epcot and Magic Kingdom just because we fancied it. It’s a nice experience, so if you can justify the cost on its own merits I’d say go for it. :slight_smile:


I think we’ll stick with the current plan.

We grabbed a FPP for IN around 3pm on a CL 6 day in April. We only grabbed it because with two little kids I didn’t want to sit for ages. We arrived with desserts from France in hand about 25 minutes prior and a great spot. We are going to do some fireworks party on our next trip, but this is one we’ll skip.

That’s a wicked lie.

In my trip this year I had it booked originally as a way to effectively get an FPP for both IllumiNations and FEA, leaving me free to get an FPP for Soarin’ the regular way.

I was no particular fan of the party per se.

Not a lie! Simply a memory lapse.

I knew you did it despite opposition and I thought you’d been quite positive about it when people asked.

Matt prefers to use the harsher, more blame-filled words over the gentler more forgiving. He thinks it makes him appear curmudgeonly to us all, but we know the truth.


Call me Matt again and I’ll kill your cat.

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Who are you? The rhyming giant?


Oh that’s slightly more curmudgeonly.


Ok Matthew

In my defense, your name is @profmatt not profmatthew and loads of others call you Matt with no threats to their fur family


Yes, but they don’t say I’m curmudgeonly. I’m a ray of bloody sunshine, as well you know.


Just regular sunshine. I leave the bloody stuff to work.


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Why do you want to unemployment me!?!??

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Because I think you should work full-time as a Disney vacation planner. Being an OB nurse just encourages gross behaviour.

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