Frozen Ever After Dessert Party 2020?

Hi - does anyone know if the Epcot, Frozen Ever After Dessert Party is likely to continue into 2020 or is known to be ending? Dates only go to the end of 2019 at the moment and I’m trying to work out whether or not to plan it into our visit there next Spring.

Welcome to the Forum!! No official news yet regarding the FEA dessert party but the past two years they have released them early December for early next year dates.

Thanks very much, I’ll keep an eye out then. It’s the dessert party we haven’t done yet, so I hoped we hadn’t missed it and sounds like we shouldn’t have.


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I have been wondering the same thing and checking the site everyday , my sister and I are going down there the end of January for a girl’s trip and that is high on our to do list but was worried they were gonna cancel it when we didn’t see dates for next year, thanks I’ll keep watching here too!!

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So far still nothing!!

Thanks, I keep checking every day too. I’ll update here if I see anything.


I’m so tired of checking! Just open the reservations already!!!


Nothing yet.

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The dates are up to March 2020 now.

Of course, we’re not going until April, but almost there now!

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We are going in in February, but none of the dates are allowing reservations.

Looks like it is a reservation system issue as I tried via the Disney App and got the message “We are unable to check for tables at this time”. Will try later.

Looks like they are posting the dates but its not bookable yet… they will release it soon!

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Reservations are now working I got a spot for March 2020 Finally! So tired of refreshing that page!

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