Frozen Ever After and Soarin'

What are the odds that Frozen Ever After and/or the updated Soarin’ will be up and running by Memorial Day Weekend?
I’m fine-tuning my TPs now, and would love to be able to include them!

There are strong rumors afoot that Frozen Ever After and/or the A&E M&G may open (at least “soft open”) on May 28th - which is the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. But nothing official has been announced. Rumors around the Soarin’ reopening dates are all over the map, but mid June seems to be the general consensus from the “insiders”.

If either of the Frozen attractions ARE open, they are expected to have HUGE lines; be prepared to spend a couple of hours - for each. And certainly don’t count on FPPs being available for the first few days (or maybe weeks). Again, nothing has been released by Disney on any of this…