Frozen costumes

So dd7 decides she wants to be elsa for holloween. Im sure there wont be any other little girls with the same idea lol. But anyway we looked at the spirit store and they had one for $40 looked pretty cheaply made. So i thought we could find a good one and she could also wear it on our dec trip. So wear should i look to order one that will make it on hollowween and our trip and not fall apart. It would also hopefully be a reasonable price since i have 2 other dds to buy for.

I saw some Frozen costumes at Party City. I'm sorry, but I'm not sure about the quality or price. I don't have a little one anymore, so I didn't look at them closely.

The website My Fancy Princess is pretty nice and reasonably priced, and have larger sizes usually too for older girls, or tall young girls, like mine. smile