Frozen at Hyperion - General Questions

Hey all! We are visiting in July and would appreciate anyone who’s done Frozen at the Hyperion at DCA recently who could chime in on a few questions:

  1. Are there still FastPasses for this? It looks like there used to be but it’s not clear if this is still the case.
  2. Any thoughts on how early to arrive for a good seat? 30 minutes enough? An hour?
  3. Has anyone done the dining package? If so, does this save you much time and/or get you particularly superior seats?

Thanks all!

Sorry I have never done it. I have two boys that would never return with me if I took them :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@lolabear_la, you have any words of wisdom?

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When we were there last October, I didn’t find any FP for Frozen. We’re going again in July and don’t see any options then either.
Last October, we went on a crowd level 6 day, and didn’t do a dining package. We showed up 30 minutes before the first show of the day. Opted for the balcony, so we queued up in that line and found seats, almost center, third row up. The lower levels filled faster - crowds at our show seemed to gravitate towards being closer. We loved our balcony view - sitting closer at a lower level wasn’t a priority for us.
I imagine if you’re going during heavier crowd levels, you may need more time than 30 minutes for good seats.
Happy Hunting!

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We have done the show 3x, first time was with a FP but they did away with those after the first little while the show was open.

You don’t need a FP for it (the theater seats a great amount of people & most shows you can run in with 5-10 min to go & nab a “nosebleed” seat at the back of the balcony). We love sitting orchestra but mezzanine is a great view too. Balcony isn’t bad either we just prefer not to climb all the stairs it requires. I would recommend showing up with around 30 min for a lower level. Earlier if you want to be in position to try for nearer front or center of those lower levels. Also, the earliest show of the day is usually a little less crowded. The last show the most crowded.

I haven’t personally done the dining package but you do get front & center orchestra seats which are a great up close view of the stage (but a little too close for taking in all the cool screen projections they have floor to ceiling of the giant stage). I don’t know that they save a ton of time but I also haven’t ever done it so I could be wrong there. If you were already planning on eating where the dining package was offered & the show is a must do for your group, then it’s a great idea.


Awesome; thanks everyone. This is perfect. Appreciate the advice as always.

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My DW and I did the dining package last month. You still need to arrive a bit early and line up with the other dining package holders. But you get into the theater before anyone else and get to select your seats. We chose the front row, which was great. But I’m sure we missed some things that we could have seen had we had a wider view of the stage. We wanted to eat at CC anyway, so it worked out well.

However, I don’t think that there is necessarily a bad seat at Hyperion - at least that was my experience when we sat near the back during Aladdin.

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Right. We’ve only seen Aladdin, 3 times. Once close, once middle, once balcony. Prefer main floor but not really a bad seat.
(Side note, was surprised there was nothing like it at WDW.)

We sat in the centre of the main floor last July. Got there about 45 minutes early and had no trouble getting good seats. If you wanted balcony, you could definitely go later. We ended up going twice because the show was stopped halfway through the first time due to technical difficulties.

We just went in April. Sat in the balcony (I have never sat on the main floor for Frozen or before that Aladdin.) The view is great and we never wait too long. I don’t think we got in line more than 30 minutes before show time if that, and we were there on a day that was considered an 8.

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Went yesterday to the 12pm performance - turned out to be a CL 9 day. Sat in the mezzanine, great view but I was solo. People were waiting from an hour ahead outside but I just joined the line when they started going in, say 11.45. I think there were seats free at the mezzanine sides at 12. Loved the show!


Good to know last minute seating is alive & well. We’ve gotten into the show a couple of times that way & it really is nice to see the show without having to drop 2 hrs of a time commitment to both camping out for & watching it.

Great insight everyone; this is a great update on the crowd status of Frozen at the Hyperion. We will definitely not kill ourselves to get there super early. Thanks all.