Frozen at HS?

Are Oaken’s Frozen Playground and Frozen Singalong permanent attractions at HS? We missed Frozen Summer Fun by a week our last trip and I’m hoping these will still be around June 2015.

I haven’t seen anything to indicate that they are permanent. That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised to see their current “Holiday Limited Engagement” be extended into next year.

Thanks I was afraid of that. I definitely won’t be promising this to my DD then til trip gets closer. Thanks!

If I was a gambling sort of guy, I’d give the sing-a-long an 80/20 chance of still being there and Oakens a 50/50.

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But Oakens is the money maker. I give that 75% chance until the next princess movie.

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Anyone know anything or seen any info on what Frozen fun stuff is extending into 2015?

Looks like my prediction was wrong. Wandering Oaken’s has closed.

Mine too. Really surprises me - unless that building is on the demo list for the rumored Pixar Place expansion…

What’s left? Just the sing along? I was hoping the ice skating and snow area would be up in March.

Pretty much. The ice skating was gone a long time ago; snow area gone with Oakens…