Frontier flight changes

I’m looking curiously at Frontier’s latest iteration of allowed free changes. Through April they are allowing a free change up to 24 hours before the flight. For May flights, they are requiring the free change be done by 3/31. I have a one-leg reservation in April and one in May. It seems unfair for them to demand that plans be altered up to 2 months ahead. I may still be holding out hope for my late-May trip at the end of this month. I wonder if they are going to start cancelling flights, and want people to take a change/credit before they make cancellations which would then cause them to owe customers a refund?

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I suspect if social-distancing measures persist beyond March 31 and Disney remains closed, that they will change this rule. But I think what they are trying to do is keep people from cancelling willy-nilly. But will likely alter the policy as the situation changes.

So, in their mind, if you are cancelling in May, you are simply doing so out of precaution and/or panic…but April seems reasonable. But if things open up again, say, mid-April, then those May cancellations will be felt hard by them for no really good reason other than customer panic, etc.

So after a week of frequent emails offering a bonus voucher on top of travel credit for cancelling, I got the email today that my April flight is cancelled. They again offered credit plus voucher with a prominent click button to accept…and at the bottom a tiny link to click to get a refund. :grin:. Now waiting for the same to happen in May, except still a little hope things are better and we can go. My son and his GF going with me on that trip won’t be able to go later in the summer or fall- assuming high school sports are back in swing.