Frontier airlines?

I see a great deal for us flying this airline right from our near by hometown of Portland Me direct to MCO. But upon reading some horror story reviews am wondering if it is really worth the risk of having a flight cancelled, etc. Has anyone out there flown with them before?

We flew from PHX to MCO on Frontier in March and didn’t have any major problems. The only minor thing was the luggage took a long time to get to the carousel on our return. It was a smokin deal though…definitely worth a delay with luggage return. Even after we upgraded to their highest package (included checked bags, carry-ons and preferred seating) it was still so much cheaper than any other airline.

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Thanks for the feedback. I would not mind at all delayed luggage either for the deal I am seeing! And to fly right out of Portland and not have to drive and park in Boston makes it worth it too. I would book our departure and return dates to be flexible to deal with delays. I just hoping to not deal with cancellations.

There have been reports here on chat of flights being canceled recently. I know one person from Indiana had their flight canceled by getting a letter at airport and having to drive to Disney.

Frontier doesn’t always fly multiple flights to places on the same day - some routes only once a day on certain days. Are you willing to take a chance to pay out of pocket if they cancel your flight to get on another carrier - again people said Frontier offered no help. They probably don’t have agreement with legacy carriers in event of cancelation.

Also factor in baggage fees and seat assignments. Seat assignment fee should be important if you have kids and want to know you will be seated together. People will say they won’t separate you or you are OK checking in at 24 hours for assignment… But that is not a guarantee and asking people to move who paid to be with family probably won’t result in people moving.

I’ve read all these on disboards and here. We flew them years ago with no issues. Now- no thank you

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I think if you go in expecting the worse you’ll be okay and maybe in the end satisfied. I feel that way towards Spirit. We live south of Portland and lately the best deals are to fly out of Providence. A little extra time but the parking is cheaper than Bostons. We almost did Frontier for our upcoming Feb trip but with two young kids and my husband I didn’t want to take any chances with issues

That’s a good thought. I should into flights from Providence.

Good luck! Yeah, I believe it was @OBNurseNH who tipped me on that deal. Used to fly out of manchester for the good deals, but Providence is even better

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Get a Step by Step Manual to Manage Your Flights on Frontier Airlines
When you book a flight on Frontier Airlines, you get the booking reference number which helps you to get your flight tickets. In addition, you can add or cancel service on your flight booking and that can be done by going to the Manage Booking section on the website of Frontier Airlines. Moreover, if you are not able to do that you can follow the steps mentioned below.
How to Manage Frontier Reservations Online? Follow the Given Steps

  1. You should firstly go to the website of Frontier Airlines.
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We used them 2 years ago for our first trip and it was also our first time with the airline. We woke up early to prepare to leave with a message saying our flight was delayed. I know it was a big delay, I am thinking 5 hours? we had no park day planned for this reason, but we did plan a late dinner at 1900 Park Fare so my daughter could meet her favorite princess. We were going to miss this for sure. Luckily we were able to find another opening for the dinner on another night (which led us to shuffle another meal) it all worked out, but we did end up losing our first afternoon to explore the resort and let kids swim. I think we ended up landing around 9pm.

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Yes, once every other day, like the route my son would be taking home from college for this Christmas break. Meaning if his flight is canceled, he’d be waiting two days to get home, or back to school. Even the big airlines sometimes won’t/can’t bring in a plane, in case of a mechanical problem, if you’re not at a hub. (American did this to us and we had to break the land speed record getting to another airport 150 miles away, so we could get to DH’s father’s funeral in time. Everyone else on that flight just had to wait until the next day).

Also, when we add on the features we want, Frontier is only a bit less than Delta, so we’ll probably go with them… Of course, one has to go through almost the whole booking process to find this out, which is aggravating.

I think Frontier is trying to fill a budget-friendly leisure traveler niche, like Allegiance. But honestly, even leisure travelers have plans they want to keep!

Frontier Airlines Change Flight Policy

  1. Passengers are allowed to change their flight within 24 hours from the scheduled departure of the flight and the reservation will be made 7 days prior to the scheduled departure of your flight.

  2. Frontier airlines charge a fee on flight change that depends on the ticket type and fare.

  3. If the flight is delayed more than 3 to 4 hours, then passengers can also change their flight.

You can simply change your Frontier Reservations after following the above-described instructions.