Frontier Airlines - your reviews, please!

I’d like to hear some reviews about Frontier Airlines. I’m considering them as my carrier to Orlando. If you’re used them, please let me know your thoughts about their planes, service, boarding process, bag handling, costs, etc.

Thanks a lot!

I haven’t used them out of Philly, but I have used them twice in the last year out of Trenton, if that’s helpful. The staff is always helpful and nice, the seats are flimsier than the ones on Septa regional rail. The seat-back trays are about the size of a Kindle, the boarding process has been smooth, I’ve never paid extra for assigned seats and my family always sits together. They’ve never lost a bag (I’ve only checked a bag on one round-trip flight). Hiccups can happen, you probably saw what I said about them running out of water on one flight home. If the total cost comes out cheaper than SW, I’ll use them every time, especially out of Trenton. Great little airport.

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We flew Frontier for our trip (that we are currently on) from Philly to Orlando. Everything went very smoothly. The staff were very nice! Pilot even let our daughter sit in the cockpit when we boarded. We paid to be able to choose our seats. Also paid for 3 checked bags and 1 carry-on. Even with our add-ons, this ended up being our cheapest option. The seats got a little hard towards the end of the flight, but I was actually surprised because they seemed a little roomier. They don’t recline, which I actually liked because I can’t stand when the person in front of me’s head ends up in my lap. I figured it was only a 2.5 hour flight for us, so took the chance. Was very pleased!! We fly home from Orlando to Philly on Saturday.

I am going with that the same for you. My friend used it to Chicago and told me that it was okay.