Frontier Airlines - I'm worried

We have a 5:30 a.m. flight out of Phila International to MCO on Frontier for early August. I got a great deal (we usually drive to save the cost of four tickets) and I checked back today as to how booked the flight was. There are still many seats available. After reading Frontier’s less than ideal reputation, I’m wondering if anyone’s had the experience of canceled flights because of low sales?

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Yes. Or at least I suspect that it was cancelled because it wasn’t booked enough, they wouldn’t confirm or deny. And they cancelled day of. I’d have a backup plan if I were you.

I haven’t flown Frontier before but I booked a flight to MCO with them recently. One thing to keep in mind is that the seats taken only reflect those reserved by people who paid extra for seat selection. No way to know how many others didn’t select/pay for seats. For what they charge, it is reasonable that many would not. But good point to have a backup in mind.


We’ve flown Frontier to and from Orlando twice recently. And we never paid to pick our seats, so like the other poster said, it won’t show up on there unless seats were purchased. All of the flights we have been on were full!

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I did Frontier PHL to MCO. It was in the spring. We got in early. Due to paying for bags it wasn’t a problem getting off the plane. I also added the Works. During iffy weather, be prepared to get another flight if needed. I had no problems with my flight.

I have a relative who recently retired from Frontier as a stewardess. So for what it’s worth I asked her if this is a concern I need to worry about on our flight, and she said no this was not something she saw. Also pointed out that their fleet is relatively new so hopefully less mechanical issues.