Front desk lines

Hi all,
In order to minimize time spent waiting in lines in the lobby at check in at the Poly, I’d like to divide and conquer with my husband. We need to:
-check in
-pick up a stroller rental from Kingdom Strollers
-get an Amazon Pantry delivery
-have our magic bands connected to a credit card
These are going to be separate lines, right, like some things can be done at the front desk and others at Guest Services? Which are which, so I can send my hubby into one line while I tackle the other?

You will need to go to bell services to pick up (and sign) for your stroller. If your room is ready you can pick up your Amazon order too.

You are not doing online check in? You do not have a credit card set up in your MDE account with a pin? If you do not, you can do all of that when you check in. Sometimes those Poly lines are short, sometimes they are very long .

Have a great trip!

Thanks! I was under the impression it’s better to do front desk check-in in case you don’t get the room you requested. Should I just do online check in?
And yes, I do have a credit card on my MDE account. Does this mean I don’t have to have the front desk do anything? I’m not sure why but I thought you had to have the front desk “activate” or allow payment via magic bands. If I can skip a check-in line, that would be great!

You need a credit card linked to your MDE and a pin. If you have that all set, your credit card is linked. If you have alerts set for your credit card company you will be notified of the $100 hold that morning.

There is a number to call when they send you the text if there is an issue with your room. The front desk will have to contact the room assigners to make changes anyways.

Of course, sometimes Poly decides to make everyone go to the desk anyways (which is why sometimes the line can take an hour).

Ah, good to know. Thanks again!

A couple of things about magic bands and CCs.

On-line you can only have one CC linked to a reservation. However if you go to the front desk you can:

  • have different CCs linked to those on the reservation (maybe Gran wants her own card linked to her magic band)

  • activate or deactivate charging for kids / minors. I can’t remember what the default is. (You could simply not give them the PIN so they couldn’t charge anyway, but perhaps you want teens to be able to order food if they’re on their own)

  • linked to that, you can set charging limits for people, so DS (10) can have a limit of $30, whilst DD (16) has a limit of $50. That applies to the length of the reservation - so with a split stay you need to do it again. And you can change / extend the limit.

I’ve used the last two to good effect on several trips. As the kids got older and wanted to venture off on their own, we could still control the spending whilst making sure they could get lunch and ice cream. Or let them loose in DS knowing they couldn’t spend $200 in an afternoon!

Be aware that if you’re on the dining plan, everyone with charging permission can access all credits for the room. My boys were warned not to use more than two snack credits a day, “or else”. :joy:


This was super helpful. Thanks!