From the Poly - transportation to parks

Has anyone taken Uber/Lyft or the Minnie Vans from the Poly to Epcot, HS or AK?

I’m trying hard to cut down wait time for my kids - i would like them to save the little amount of “be patient” skills they have for the rides and not transportation, so we are considering using these services, but not sure if its worth the extra money - wanted to get peoples opinions/experiences? Does it cut down on that much time and waiting?

We are going the last week in August if that makes a difference…


We used the Minnie Vans a few times during our trip, early in the AM and late at night. While we didn’t use them from the Poly to a park, the one thing I’d advise is that even though they can be convenient, you don’t know how long of a wait you will have with them, either. If a lot of people are trying to use the app for them at the same time you are, one may be immediately available or you might have a wait - there’s really no way to know.

We didn’t wait long one morning when we wanted to go from WL to Epcot for a PPO breakfast, but after a fireworks cruise from the Poly, we waited quite a long time for one to get back to WL in the evening.

From the Poly, you could be better off getting to EP via the monorail, since it’s so close, but the Minnie Vans are fun to try - I just advise that you may have more of a wait than you expect for one.

Oh, and back to add - not sure how old your kiddos are, but we had good luck bringing some small ‘busy’ items for the times we needed to distract the kids. We brought pipe cleaners (turned into bracelets, tiaras, animals, wands, etc), stickers for them to pass out to other kids while in line (they LOVED this), Disneys Spot It game, and we played I Spy a lot too.

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We used Lyft to AK x2. We did not wait more than 2-5 minutes for our driver to arrive and we were there in no time. By contrast the rides back from AK were interminable by bus (we opted for bus as we were not on a pressing time schedule)

If they need car seats, Minnie Vans are the way to go. Not sure how long the wait time is for those, though.

YES! Walk to TTC and get on there - you won’t have to transfer like you will if you take the one from Great Ceremonial House and the walk is short and pleasant. We loved having this option for EP while at Poly!

You are a very useful person to know. I didn’t know this was a thing — the geography in my head was very different.

Plan adapted. Again. Because of you :kissing_closed_eyes:

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You might find this even more helpful:

It’s mind boggling how close TTC is to Poly. In fact, I would find some rooms undesirable because of their close proximity to where the ferry leaves/returns from - many horns blowing all day and night!


It’s a very easy walk from the Poly to the TTC but we did uber when we wanted to be ahead of the crowd as the monorail doesn’t start as early as we wanted. We used uber whenever timing was important.

This makes my decision to move my Epcot day even more genius because I’m having breakfast at Ohana, and then — whoosh! — off I go to Epcot. Simples!


The only thing that’s lousy is you do have to clear security twice - once at TTC and once again at Epcot. I wish they could figure out how to make it so that once you’ve cleared security at TTC you’re good to go.

We went bagless most days this trip though - we were blessed with near perfect weather and almost 0% chance of rain on any of our days, so we only bothered to bring the bag with ponchos, etc on Sunday.

That’s a bummer.

Though last August, I found security to be absolutely fine. I don’t remember waiting more than a minute at any time.

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I agree. You listen to some whiners on Chat and it’s like you’re in standby line for FOP

It’s weird how different the atmosphere in Chat seems to be compared with here. It’s a more negative, aggressive place. I’m not saying it’s hugely negative or aggressive, but it’s noticeably not as friendly and generally upbeat as these forums.

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I tend to blame that on the limited characters one can use. Same reason why Twitter can be so much the same in that way.

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Today, for example, there was a thread about Disney turning down the air-conditioning so that there’s no escape from the Florida heat.

Was that your experience? It got a lot of people worried. Including me. Though I reassured myself by saying that it’s probably a wild exaggeration.

Totally NOT my experience except on one bus ride wherein I think the driver could not have been aware how hot it was in the back after both doors had been wide open for an extended period of time.

All other locations - rides, shows, resorts, restaurants - hell, even on the porch of Nomad lounge! - it was comfortable!

I also didn’t have that wacky thermostat issue I hear so much about (and have never once encountered).

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what time does the monorail start?

I like the idea about the pipe cleaners!

Disney spot it game - is that an app??

we will need car seats - does Uber/Lift have them?

for the Minnie Vans - how do you reserve? through the MDE app or is there another app? how far advance can you reserve them?

When you get on property the Minnie Van option in the Lyft app will go live. You call them via the Lyft app.

Minnie Vans have 2 car seats. Lyft/Uber may or may not but you do pay extra for those that do