From the Airport to WDW/Quicksilver

I debated posting anything about quicksilver transportation for a long time (I hate telling others not to use a company because maybe they just had an off day), but I feel like people should know.

I have been to Disney World 13-14 times and have used Quicksilver transportation at least 7-8. I will never do so again. On my list visit they were no where to be found when I arrived at the airport. I called the phone number on the web site repeatedly and kept leaving messages (no one picked up). After an hour I called the emergency number on their web site (which specifically says do not call unless this is a real emergency) to let them know I was hiring someone else. Of course they didn’t answer that number either, so I left a message. I called another company and they said they would arrive in 15 minutes.

5 minutes later the real nightmare began (setting aside that my wife, our 9 month old, and our 3 year old had been sitting in baggage claim for an hour). Quicksilver called back and told me that their driver had been waiting for me in baggage claim. I informed whoever I was talking to that he was not there and I had been there for over an hour waiting. I asked which carousel he was at. He put me on hold to call the driver. Then he came back on and said the driver was 3 minutes away and had been driving around the airport because our flight had not landed until 5 minutes prior (he called me a liar about the wait time). I politely but firmly told him that the driver could leave and we had arranged other transportation. At this time, he informed me that a same day cancellation resulted in being charged for a one way trip. I let him know that I didn’t cancel. That it was his mistake and his company didn’t arrive even close to when promised and I would be paying nothing. He again called me a liar and let me know that I hadn’t been waiting more than 10 minutes and that my card was going to be charged whether I consented or not. He also let me know that if I should have called their emergency number immediately. At that point I let him know I am a lawyer and that he had no legal right to charge my card and that I was reporting his company to American Express in case he tried. I also told him that his failure to arrive does not constitute an emergency and that his company should answer their phones as promised on their web site. I hung up and called American Express to report the issue (they on the other hand were super helpful).

Over the next hour (while driving to our resort with another company) Quicksilver called me at least 9 times. I started out by answering these calls and politely but firmly asking that they stop calling me because I was already on the way. He kept calling and continued to demand I pay at least $40. I refused. The new driver even got on the phone at one point and told them to stop calling because they were making themselves and all transport companies look bad.

I was at Disney World for a week and received about ten phone calls and messages per day (after that first day I just stopped answering the calls). I have never been harassed that way in my life. In future trips I will not be using Quicksilver transportation. In my experience they are a truly horrible company that was awful to do business with. The harassment, the demands, the calling me a liar, the not answering their phones, the failure to return calls until I left a message on the emergency number, and of course the leaving me and my family sitting in the airport for an hour were all completely unacceptable. Each of these individually would be reason enough for me to never use a company again. The fact that all of this came from one company is why I am now posting.

That aside, the trip was great. Disney was really nice about the fact that we were half an hour late to 1900 Park for our dinner reservation. I will say that this experience does make me appreciate even more the companies who are willing to go above and beyond. Sorry this got a little longer than I originally intended, but that is what happened to me. We are going back to Disney World again this fall. Anyone have any other company recommendations? For the first time in 15 years I find myself looking for a new way to get from the airport to Disney resorts. Thanks again.

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Next time, try Uber. I think they don’t come in to baggage claim to help you with bags, but there is pretty much always an Uber car at or very near the airport to pick you up just minutes after you request a ride (which you do via the Uber app after you have collected all your bags from baggage claim).

Since you indicate staying at a Disney Resort, why not just use Disney’s Magic Express? It’s free and much more pleasant than what you just described, even if there is a slight wait for your bus depending on your timing. If not DME, Uber gets high marks from most. If going off season you may be able to get a rental car for about what a cab/Uber to/from would cost you or possibly even less - the one time we rented, we got a great deal from Hot Wire - off season they have lots of cars just sitting in Orlando & are willing to give great rates.

Oh dear. I just confirmed my Quicksilver reservation today. We are staying at the Dolphin so we don’t get Magical Express. It may be time to try Uber.

When is your trip? What is their cancellation policy? Maybe you can get out of it.

We used MCO Destination - 866-271-6176. The service / vehicles / drivers were awesome

I can totally get out of it. We arrive on Monday, and the cancellation is 48 hours, plus they didn’t take a credit card.

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If you do wind up using Uber, this code should get your $20 off your first trip: n4rcz1pkue
You have to enter it in the “Promotions” section of the app before you request the ride.

Thanks all! I’ll talk to my DH tonight and decide. I already had him read your review, @kenozebi, and he agreed with me to cancel our reservation with Quicksilver.

Signed up for Uber and used your code (Thank you!!), but it’s only $15 now. :disappointed: But, DH signed up too, so we’ll use my account from the airport, and his on the way back! I think we’ve already made our decision. Another Uber convert.


I have used Happy Limo and had a great experience! The driver texted me ahead of time and gave me his number and told me where I could meet him. I would not hesitate to use them again. There is a code on Mousesavers that will give you a discount. They will also make a quick grocery stop.


Cool! Just remember, if you don’t know much about Uber yet, that you don’t request your ride until you are done at baggage claim. If you request the ride too soon, and you are not in the car within 5 minutes after the car arrives, you could be charged a no-show fee (usually $5). So, only request when you’re ready to walk out of the airport.

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Is Uber allowed to pick up at MCO? Many airports have limited the company from picking up rides at the airport.

Wow! I am not alone!! We had been using Quicksilver since 2004 - every year with additional trips for family members travelling to WDW too. I’d always been happy with them; in particular, we’d become accustomed to our driver picking us up 15 minutes earlier than our pick up time on our departure days (leaving Disney, heading to MCO). It was always comforting to know that your ride was early so we had no problem making sure that we were ready and waiting for our pick up 15 minutes ahead of time.

However, several years ago I noticed on our departure days that Quicksilver had stopped arriving early altogether and had started arriving several minutes late. Now, 5 minutes late is not horrible but it’s not great. It definitely makes you worry that perhaps your ride is a no-show or that we had the wrong time/date. Add that 5 mintues to the 15 mins that we’d been waiting prior to our pick up time b/c we had been accustomed to being picked up early and now we’re pretty antsy and upset. Of course, after the pickup, there is the flight home, unpacking and back to reality and the whole issue was forgotten until departure day of the next year’s trip.

So last year when the same thing happened again, and I realized that it had been happening for several years, I decided to call Quicksilver but I only got the machine (as usual). I left a message - part of me feeling foolish b/c technically the driver was only 7 minutes late but we’d been waiting 22 mins or more. Also when we had been dropped off on our arrival date, the driver gave me my confirmation card with our departure information on it - it had the wrong date and time (May instead of April!!!). I had contacted Gregory right away and he confirmed that they had the right information in their system, no apologies that the driver had the wrong information. However, when that car was late even for only 7 minutes, I was beyond worried! As mentioned, I left a message and did not get a call back. The driver showed up soon after. She didn’t say a word - I had to point out that she was late and she mumbled something that sounded like an apology. She did not speak to us during our trip to the airport at all.

I am not usually a complainer but I was a bit annoyed by this and decided to let Gregory know. I sent him an email detailing what happened and our disappointment. I could not believe it when he replied stating that he was offended by my complaint! He thought of us as “family” after all these years and couldn’t believe that I would be so upset with him. Well, that was certainly not the response I was expecting. My husband and I both have worked in the hospitality industry and customer service is a big issue to us. “Family” or not, we are paying customers first: loyal, referring his service to family/friends and always a “cheerleading” for Quicksilver on the various Disney forums online. And I was being scolded for having the nerve to complain to him. I contacted him directly - surprisingly he answered the phone and he explained to me what a difficult day that had been for them and so our driver was a little delayed. It seemed to be my fault that we had become used to the excellent service of past years when the driver would show up early, that wasn’t the norm according to him. As a matter of fact, he said that it is expected in his field that his rides will be late a certain percentage of the time. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

I don’t believe that the “customer is always right” - but regardless of how long our business relationship had been, he should have apologized for the delay and promised to do better in the future - placate me. Not scold me, not make excuses and not tell me that I should be happily surprised when our driver shows up on time or even more surprisingly early. I told him that we wouldn’t be using Quicksilver again and he was shocked.

I’ve kept this quiet b/c Gregory and Quicksilver are sponsors and very active on many of the online forums I participate in. I believe in letting others know but I didn’t want to come across as petty and have him scold me online too. Instead, when people ask for a good towncar service or wonder how Quicksilver performs, I’ve kept quiet rather than being the cheerleader I once was.

I was also in the same position as you. After 12 years of using the same company, I had to find a new way to get to Disney. I admit it - we’re spoiled. Disney’s Magical Express sounds great and you certainly can’t beat the price but we’re spoiled :blush: We used Happy Limo a few weeks ago and were indeed very happy with their services. I loved speaking with a very friendly and efficient representative when I called on more than one occasion - my mother-in-law travelled down separately from us and I arranged for her pick ups and payment. They were super helpful with that. I loved getting a detailed invoice for their services. I absolutely loved getting a confirmation text directly from my driver the night before my pickup (same with my MIL). I loved that when I turned on my phone upon landing, there was another text from my driver saying he was waiting for us by baggage claim. He was super friendly and extremely professional. On our departure days (both us and my MIL) our driver wasn’t super early (which surprised the BC staff out front who said Happy Limo is always early) but they weren’t late. On our departure date, I actually received a text from our driver saying that he was stuck in traffic but close by. I appreciated that so much! And he took a different way to the airport to avoid that same traffic so that we wouldn’t be late. I would use Happy Limo again in a heartbeat!! {sorry also for the long rant}


UberBlack started serving MCO in November of last year. It’s a recent addition in Orlando.

Looks like only UberBlack and UberSUV can pickup at MCO as of today.

Thank you for your honesty, @valt66. This is the kind of priceless information that I’m looking for on these forums. I have a feeling that by paying attention to these posts that I probably saved myself some angst on our trip!

Be aware that UBER is “not allowed” on certain properties. Not sure how they would monitor - but just an FYI

You can check on their website first by looking up a price. My trip is going to cost between $50-$100 each way, depending on demand. Which is about what I was going to pay for our Quicksilver towncar, so I’m happy.

I was kind of surprised the cost for Uber from MCO is so high. Very cab-like, but I guess Uber is paying heavy airport fees like the cab companies to be allowed to serve the airport which removes some of their cost competitiveness?