From Sunrise To Breakfast

On resort day - I am looking to wake up early to watch the sunrise and listen to those early morning sounds of WDW. I am arriving late Sunday night and Monday is resort day at GDT. After sunrise and exploring, I will need breakfast. Sit down only and preferably no characters. The grounds at Coronado are lovely, but then I’d have grab transportation to a breakfast spot. I prefer to have it all in one. I am thinking Trattoria/A&C for the Boardwalk. Or, WCC at WL. (Later in the week I move to Boulder Ridge, so there will definitely be some early exploring, but no breakfast.) What are your thoughts?
(A body of water to look at while exploring is a plus.)

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Exploring an area or resort?

I’d suggest Sanaa and you could explore both parts of AKL.

Or Ale & Compass.

Truly the best sunrise I’ve ever taken in at WDW was at WL in front of Geyser.

But the next best one was at Poly. Of course that’s all torn up just now.

I think the Boardwalk area is going to be it. It’s a really nice way to spend a morning. I caught sunrise - super pretty over the water - and then I wandered with a cup of coffee. You could certainly then have a very nice breakfast at A&C or Trattoria thereafter.


I didn’t know Sanaa served breakfast. I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve never dined there. I’m going to put it on the list for my November trip with family. They like to sleep late, so exploring and breakfast will be right up my alley.

The breakfast menu looks divine. :yum:

It’s a hybrid fast-casual. You order at the counter but they bring it to you.

It’s incredible - and very affordable!


You can accuse me of being off-topic…go ahead…I can take it…

Not a sunRISE, but a sunSET…I took this photo during our December 2022 trip while on the Skyliner. This was on the leg of the Skyliner taking you to HS.

I’m not sure if it is possible to board the Skyliner timed to a sunrise.


Skyliner would likely not be running that early


Looks like sunrise will happen around 7:18 am. I’d made the A & C for 7:40, but pushed it back to 7:55. Giving me a good 30 minutes to enjoy the start of the day. And I decided I’d like to top the evening off with a view of the sunset, which will happen around 7:11. I’m thinking from a table at Three Bridges, but they are walk up only and it might be tricky. Decisions, decisions.