From Samoa 3rd Floor Rooms can you see any of the fireworks please?

I was wondering if any fireworks can be seen from the ground or top floor rooms in Samoa please? I’ve read 3811 in Rarotonga gets to see the fireworks, I presume this is true of 3801-3814 less obstruction from trees and maybe rooftops?

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Has anyone stayed in samoa Longhouse please?

I don’t think it’s likely that there are rooms with fireworks views from Samoa - at least not good ones. The rooms at Samoa are oriented to face the pools so your view is your perpendicular to the castle. Maybe if you were in the very last room (3610) you might have an angle on the castle from your balcony potentially. We were on the 2nd floor at Samoa without a balcony so I can’t say definitely how far out the balconies extend to help with your view and how much that helps you gain a view along the buildings to the castle unfortunately, but I don’t think it’s a lot. We also stayed pre-DVC water huts as well.

I wouldn’t count on a fireworks view from Samoa. Something facing the Lava pool, 3rd floor (3601-3610) is going to be your best bet with the higher numbered choices of those offering the best hope as you wouldn’t be looking through other balconies for your view.

Looks like 3610 has pics, but none are oriented towards the castle - I think that’s because of trees: 3610 View

Drilling deeper & looking at Google Maps Satellite view, it appears there’s a giant tree on the corner of Hawaii that would block most of a fireworks view at a guess: Google Map of Poly

Given that - I wouldn’t be optimistic of fireworks from Samoa. Despite that, Samoa has a fun view of the lava pool, is very conveniently located near the main building and of course the pool and isn’t a bad walk to the TTC. I’d likely stay Samoa again if we ended up back at the Poly. For fireworks you should be able to find a nice spot by the pool or at the beach though a short walk from your room…


Thank you, that was my guess as I thought they’d be a picture somewhere if anyone had seen them from those standard rooms. On the fax request is there a limit to the number of characters/words you can use please?

We had a great view from Rarotonga 3813 last week! We could see all the high ones above the roof of the building in front of us. Considering we didn’t pay for a view, we were really happy.

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It appears the top room request line is limited to around 80 characters, but the “additional special requests” box may be unlimited. I pasted the original room request another 25 times and it saved & re-displayed. I didn’t go beyond that as that seemed overkill…

And if you really wanted to write a novel, you could always send in your own FAX as well rather than using Touring Plans.

FWIW, I went back and looked at pics from our stay at Samoa in 2011 and realized we actually had room #3602 and thus did have a balcony. I’ll just claim the balcony was so small it seemed like we didn’t have one rather than admitting to my memory fading. I didn’t take any pics parallel to the building to give a good feel if there was any view though, but my guess is that means there wasn’t as if I could have seen the castle I’m sure I would have taken pics of it from the balcony…

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Thank you for finding out, and for the google map, very useful. Being able to see the castle is the kind of thing you’d remember. I think I will keep my room request simple, ‘balcony or terrace overlooking pool’. The views of the pool from the samoa balconies look excellent, though having a terrace would be convenient for popping out to see the fireworks. Thank you for your help, I do appreciate it.

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Thank you, was there a tree right in front of your balcony please?

We stayed in Samoa 3610 this August. Lovely view from the balcony of the Lava Pool, lake and GF with monorail in the distance. Theoretically it should have a castle and fireworks view - but it doesn’t because trees are in the way!


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